Last Autumn's Dream Saturn Skyline Escape Music
· Produced By: Last Autumn's Dream

· Running Time: 53.15

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 91%
Sound: 94%
After overcoming the glitch that was their sub-par second album, Last Autumn's Dream are quickly becoming one of the most reliable AOR bands around, with an album every year and strong, memorable and consistent material every time.
The band's 4th album is their third with this line-up and sees them take a slightly different path than the first three albums.
I say slight, as it is a barely measurable change – there is simply more guitars on this record and a slightly reduced keyboard presence.
I wouldn't even say this record was heavier – it remains pure AOR, just a little more guitar driven. The ever raspy vocals of Mikael Erlandsson are again a joy to the ears.
This really is another outstanding release from the guys. A little different so not to be repeating themselves (which I like), but still within the music theme the band has always portrayed.
For The Young & The Wild and After Tomorrow's Gone are two uptempo album openers, with the former being a little darker and more guitar driven, and the latter being even faster in tempo, but more breezy in nature.
The tempo only gets faster with the rocking Pages, which features a great anthemic chorus.
Rock´n Roll Is Saving My Soul is a little different for the band. This is a big bombastic ballad, with a whole lotta soul and a definite tip of the hat to past era's of melodic rock.
I Know A Lot About Love is a breezy melodic pop song with a great chorus.
Critical is a more guitar driven track, much like the opening two songs with a few production effects thrown in.
Supersonic is simply wonderful. This is classic Scandi-AOR with an emotional verse and a monster layered vocal chorus. Catchy as hell and a perfect example of how to write a great song.
Frozen Heart is another ballad, but of completely different tact than the track preceding it. This one takes a darker, moodier turn and is a good choice for following Supersonic.
American Girl is another feel good uptempo pop rocker with yet another good chorus.
Domino stands out to me as the very definition of this band's sound - perfect uptempo AOR with a slightly moody vibe and a great chorus.
Still On The Run features more of those lush vocal layers and a slightly darker feel.
Rocket Of Love closes the European release with perhaps the only track that I could consider being close to a filler. This slower ballad takes a while to get going and even then I'm not sure it is a winner.
The Bottom Line
Another year, another winner! Scandi-AOR never sounded so good and these guys are keeping the old-school flame alive with another perfectly produced album of fine melodic pop/AOR. This album has just the right mix of uptempo tracks and heartfelt ballads and a really smooth production job.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Last Autumn's Dream
· II
· Winter In Paradise
· Saturn Skyline

Line Up:
· Mikael Erlandsson: Vocals
· Andy Malecek: Guitars
· Jamie Borger: Drums
· Marcel Jacob: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Scandi-AOR
· Mikael Erlandsson
Track Listing
· For The Young & The Wild *
· After Tomorrows Gone
· Pages *
· Rock´n Roll Is Saving My Soul
· I Know A Lot About Love *
· Critical
· Supersonic *
· Frozen Heart
· American Girl *
· Domino *
· Still On The Run
· Rocket Of Love (European Bonus)

--*Best Tracks

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