Last Autumn's Dream Dreamcatcher Escape Music
Produced By: Mikael Erlandsson

Running Time: 54.38

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 92%
Swedish melodic rockers Last Autumn's Dream really have become one of the most consistent and reliable acts in the scene currently. Each year there is a new album and each album is guaranteed to contain a few cracking tracks to add to any future "best of" compilation.
The rhythm section of Talisman and star vocalist Mikael Erlandsson along with Fair Warning guitarist Andy Malecek again deliver a high spirited, energetic collection of Scandi-AOR/melodic rock, with the trademark rasp of Erlandsson soaring over the pomp-esque anthems.
Similar to how bands like Harem Scarem and Heartland turn out consistently good material, it is hard to know where to place this album in the ranks of the band's overall catalogue, but safe to say it sits close to the top as far as crunchy production and quality of songs.
Highlights include the storming opener, One By One, featuring a great over the top chorus akin to old school Fair Warning and some soaring vocals; the even faster paced but more restrained melodic rocker Hold On To My Heart and the gloriously moody mid-tempo rock ballad Frozen Flower.
A few tracks in the middle roll along with ease without blowing me away, until we get to Your Kind Of Loving. An urgent feel, a strong chorus and lots of mood heralds a string of great tracks to close the album the catchy The Last To Know; the more dramatic When Love Strikes Down; and the dark and moody Who Needs Love.
The more easy going Me & You continues the good run and the closing When My Love Has Left Your Heart is a great way to close any album, with a rousing guitar solo driven finish. A definite high point to end on.
The Bottom Line
Another year, another great Last Autumn's Dream album. Consistent always and aside from the band's second album, all are worth checking out. If new to the band, start with this the band's latest album as it is a good a starting point as any. Their best album is still Saturn Skyline, but this still features some great performances as usual.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Last Autumn's Dream
Winter In Paradise
Saturn Skyline
Very Best Of / Live
Hunting Shadows

Line Up:
Mikael Erlandsson: Vocals
Andy Malecek: Guitars
Jamie Borger: Drums
Marcel Jacob: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Mikael Erlandsson
Track Listing
Welcome (Intro)
One By One *
Hold On To My Heart
Frozen Flower *
Silent Dream
Never Faraway
Your Kind Of Loving *
The Last To Know *
When Love Strikes Down *
Who Needs Love?
Me & You
When Love Has Left Your Heart *

--*Best Tracks

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