Kinrick Sense Your Darkness Majestic Rock Records
Produced By: David T Chastain

Running Time: 45.06

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU US JP

Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 90%
Yet another big metal album! 2005 is shaping up as an all metal year. The pink and fluffy is being over shadowed by some truly strong melodic metal releases.
Kinrick are an American 4-piece band, that deliver a no-BS style straight up album of classy metal tunes.
Produced by fret-legend David T Chastain, these guys have a lot of energy and just as many riffs.
Vocalist Stephen Fredrick (ex-Firewind) reminds me of a mix between a darker, raspier Don Dokken and Impellitteri era Graham Bonnet. Throw in a little Bruce Dickinson/Iron Maiden and Kinrick might just be taking shape.
Guitarist Corbin King hails from metallers Vainglory and shows here a definite knack for power riffs and exciting solos.
The album is pretty unrelenting. 45 minutes of pure metal riffing and big, gruff vocals is the order of the day.
Call Of Honor is a good choice to open the album as it sets things up with a slightly more accessible sound before things get truly heavy.
The album continues to grow in intensity up to Dressed Up As God, which allows a little more melody into the chorus.
A double-headed dose of mean, tough and moody mid-tempo metal follows, before the double-kick drum pace of For Your Evil changes the pace.
The title track closes the album in the same vein as the majority of the tracks are brutally heavy, mid-tempo stompers, drilled into your head by an authorative and commanding metal vocal.
The Bottom Line
One for the true connoisseurs of metal not for the faint of heart! A well recorded and high quality record that should appeal to fans of Maiden, Impellitteri and Dokken even; with obvious appeal to fans of Firewind and Vainglory.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Sense Your Darkness

Line Up
Stephen Fredrick: Vocals
Corban King: Guitars
Stian Kristoffersen: Drums
James Martin: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Graham Bonnet
Iron Maiden
Track Listing
Call Of Honor*
Throughout All Time
I Fight Alone
Dressed Up As God*
Through The Void
Stand Up And Fight
For Your Evil*
Make Me A Man
The Empire Falls Again
Sense Your Darkness
--*Best Tracks

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