Kings Of Modesty Hell Or Highwater Escape Music
Produced By: Kings Of Modesty

Running Time: 50.38

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 90%
A strong debut here made more credible no doubt by the several years of playing together the band has under their belt.
Kings Of Modesty are a big, loud in your face rock band from Finland specializing in the style of melodic metal that has made big names out of Leverage, Nightwish and Jorn Lande.
There are strong melodic ties here lead vocalist is Jason Flinck of Brother Firetribe (Bassist) and the album is mixed by Leverage guitar wizard Torsti Spoof with Jari Mikkola.
The sound is obviously big and the tempo matches. This is an at-times furious, kick drum fuelled assault on the senses, with soaring vocals, huge guitar riffs and solos plus a pounding, relentless rhythm section. But all the while the vocals of Flinck keeps things melodic and flowing.
Never Touched The Rainbow may be the boisterous opener, but Hourglass is my pick for melody driven metal.
What I like about this album and others that I've rated well over the years, is the band's ability to really deliver some heavy tunes, but always produce a memorable hook and chorus to come back to. The keyboard friendly Staring Eyes is a great example of that. In between some melodic numbers are true metal epics like Hell Or High Water and Miracle.
The only slower numbers are the moody Once Upon A Time and the closing ballad Two Hearts Collide.
The Bottom Line
If you like it heavy and delivered with that unmistakable Scandinavian style, then Kings Of Modesty is yet another fine release to check out. Super heavy in places, but always melodic, it makes a fine driving record or one to blow out the cobwebs on any occasion.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Hell Or High Water

Line Up:
Jason Flinck: Vocals
Samuel Hjelt: Guitars
Raino Simoinen: Drums
Henrik Tuura: Bass
Mikael Hjelt: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Brother Firetribe (but heavier)
Track Listing
Never Touched The Rainbow
Hourglass *
Deep Down
Staring Eyes *
Hell Or Highwater *
Suicidal Mission
Once Upon A Time *
We Will March Our Way
Two Hearts Collide *

--*Best Tracks

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