Kingdom Come Perpetual Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Lenny Wolf

· Running Time: 59.51

· Release Date: August 30

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 70%
Sound: 90%
I am a fan of Lenny Wolf who has mixed feelings towards his releases. I really like his vocals, I respect his musical talents and I own several Kingdom Come albums. But when it comes to the pace of his songs in recent years, I remain frustrated at his inability to move out of first gear.
I have given average ratings to the last two Kingdom Come albums, but I am happy to report that this is a stronger album overall and definitely one of his better all-round efforts.
But that tempo problem… It seems that everything Lenny's writes is of the one tempo. Every single song is a slow or plodding mid-tempo pace, regardless of whether it's a heavy rocker, a ballad or otherwise.
And once again, every track on Perpetual is the same frustrating tempo. As a plus though, we have some very well written lyrics and a few memorable melodies to carry us through.
I should highlight the very personal nature of this record. It's a somewhat haunting and emotional collection of songs, combined with some of his best and most expressive vocals to date.
The album's production is also very good. Lenny plays everything on this album with the exception of guitar solos, which are credited to Eric Foerster. The mix is even, the sound is clear and the tone excellent.
But an album of 11 songs over 60 minutes with the same pace throughout gives cause for the listeners mind to wander halfway through.
Gotta Move Now and Hang 'em High kick off the album – you guessed it – as plodding, but heavy mid-tempo rockers. But both songs feature strong vocals and an emotive delivery.
Crown of Moscow is a slightly softer track, with a more emotional and melodic chorus and a strong sentimental feel. The guitars remain impactful and give the song added power.
Time to Realign is much the same vein as the opening two tracks. A hard hitting rocker with a dark vibe.
Silhouette Paintings is another haunting and personal track, much like Crown of Moscow, with the song kicking into gear mid-track.
With The Sun In Mind is another mid-tempo guitar fest. This is where my attention begins to slip.
King of Nothing is a very slow track, and at 6 minutes in length sometimes feels like double that. But the musical foundation of the song and the added effects do provide for an unusual and interesting atmosphere.
Borrowed Time is another mid-tempo rocker. Nothing here that grabs me. Same with Connecting Pain. For me the better tracks are stacked towards the start of the album and these tracks just repeat what has already been delivered.
Inhaling the Silence is an acoustic track with an orchestral feel. Despite being an acoustic based track, the slow/mid-tempo feel remains. The track has some interesting musical layers, but the last half of the album is just far too slow.
The Bottom Line
Lenny's a talented guy and this Kingdom Come album stands above most recent releases and will certainly rate pretty highly with long time fans.
But if Lenny is going to kick everyone's ass and re-introduce himself to a wider audience again, he is going to have to vary the delivery of his passionate material. A strong heavy rock album, albeit one with a set standard pace throughout.
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Line Up
· Lenny Wolf: Vocals, All Instruments
· Eric Foerster: Guitar Solos

Essential for fans of:
· Lenny Wolf
· Kindom Come - Independant
Track Listing
· Gotta Move Now*
· Hang 'Em High
· Crown Of Moscow*
· Time To Realign
· Silhouette Paintings*
· With The Sun In Mind
· King Of Nothing
· Borrowed Time
· Connecting Pain
· Watch The Dragon Fly
· Inhaling The Silence
--*Best Tracks

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