Kingdom Come
Ain't Crying For The Moon
Frontiers Records
Produced By: Lenny Wolf

Running Time: 62.40

Release Date: October 20


Musical Style: Hard Rock

Links: Lenny Wolf
Songs: 76%
Sound: 88%
Time already for another Kingdom Come album or at least another Lenny Wolf release. As is the case with the last few albums, this is more or less all Lenny's doing from the vocals to the majority of the instrumentation.
Although Lenny boasted that this would be the heaviest KC album ever, there remains little difference from the past few records.
Yes, it is heavier and more driven by a modern guitar sound, but the tempo is exactly the same as previous records as is the songwriting style.
Of the last few albums I do find this to be the more enjoyable, but Lenny truly needs to get some other people on board. Some co-writers and a full band to back what is a great rock n roll voice.
Until he does that, Kingdom Come records are going to be for established fans and nothing else. As far as some track highlights on this record
Ain't Crying For The Moon is an interesting track it comes in two parts a heartfelt ballad portion before turning heavier, but all the while remaining dark and intense.
This Is My Life finally lifts the tempo a little and features a nice little chorus melody. Bon Scott is an obvious tribute to AC/DC, both lyrically and musically. Removed The Sting is a nice heartfelt ballad too.
A couple of things I could have lived without though - Look At You closes with a 20 second silence so to give a break before the two bonus tracks. Pointless. Hate silence on songs in this age of MP3.
Across The Universe is a soft pop cover of the Beatles classic nothing special and the new 2006 version of Get It On merely updates the sound to fit this album modern rock with a slower tempo.
One other small matter that isn't relevant to those buying the retail version of this once it is releases - this review copy came complete with skips, jumps and audio hiccups at the request of Mr. Wolf. Absolutely crazy decision almost as crazy as those promos with the voice over every minute to interrupt concentration.
If you are going to offer promo copies to journalists to review you album, then give only to those you trust. This is not the way to fix internet leaks it only pisses off those you are trying to impress. Next record that skips and jumps all the way though won't get reviewed.
The Bottom Line
Ain't Cryin' For The Moon once again suffers from lack of variation in the songs not enough chorus hooks, not enough change in tempo and more or less, the same album that has been delivered the last few times over.
However, out of the last 2 or 4 records, I'll take this one above those because Lenny is a talented singer and this record is a passionate one.
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Line Up:
Lenny Wolf: Vocals, All Instruments
Eric Foerster: Guitar Solos
Hendrik Thiesbrummel: Piano

Essential For Fans Of:
Lenny Wolf
Track Listing
Two Legged Sheep *
Not Here To Be Your Friend
Same Old Stars
Ain't Crying For The Moon *
Perfect Citizen
This Is My Life *
Bon Scott
Removed The Sting
Friends In Spirit
Look At You
Across The Universe
Get It On (2006 version)

--*Best Tracks

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