Kick Axe IV MTM Music
Produced By: Kick Axe

Running Time: 59.45

Release Date: September 6

Released: EU

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 75%
Canada's Kick Axe produced two legendary albums from the 80s Vices And Welcome To The Club. Their third album Rock The World isn't as highly regarded, but nevertheless, the band's legacy remains in the minds of plenty of fans.
Some 18 years later Kick Axe IV is finally released. A couple of years in the making, the album sees the band return without best known singer George Criston, instead with their very original singer (before the band were signed) Gary Langen taking up behind the mike.
Along time coming and with a lot to live up to and I can't say I'm overly impressed with the new album. I prefer the vocals of Criston, but that's not the main problem here.
Simply put, the songs just aren't strong enough. And when you have 14 tracks on offer, you really can't have too many fillers before the great tracks appear too few and far between.
The guys don't seem as energized as they used to be and the varied delivery of the songs doesn't make for a very cohesive record.
Right Now and Rockin Daze get things off to a great start, with a couple of kick ass rock tunes containing all the fire power and melodic hooks desired.
But track three Consolation pretty much kills the momentum with a plodding pace and a less desired production quality.
Following that a couple of tracks stand out such as the darker and heavier Time, but it's not until Who Says, that things really get rocking again.
There are several tracks that pay homage to Led Zeppelin, the slow starting Turn To Stone one of the best.
But elsewhere there are a few too many slow to mid-tempo tracks that don't have the desired impact.
The Bottom Line
It's always great to see veteran hard rock acts like Kick Axe back in business. But in many cases, their output does not reach the quality or the glory of their most treasured work. This is an album that's maybe 2 tracks too long with an additional couple of fillers on top of that. Not a bad album but not one that was worth waiting many years for.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Welcome To The Club
Rock The World

Line Up
Gary Langen: Vocals
Larry Gillstrom, Raymond Harvey: Guitar
Brian Gillstrom: Drums
Victor Langen: Bass

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Kick Axe
Track Listing
Right Now*
Rockin Daze*
Turn To Stone
Do You Know
Who Knows Ya
Slip Inside My Dream
Who Says
Rock N Roll Dog
Black Heart
City Lights The Only Ones Here --*Best Tracks

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