Kick New Horizon Majestic Rock Records
Produced By: Kick

Running Time: 46.50

Release Date: March 8

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 90%
Kick are one of the most underrated bands on the planet. The British hard rock rockers have a sound which encompasses the best of traditional British melodic hard rock and a more radio friendly slice of modern rock not to mention their own unique sound.
One particular thing I like about this band is their vocalist. His melodic friendly tone is refreshing over so many other modern vocalists that 'talk' over the music or sing in that banal tone that drives me nuts.
There is nothing I like better than a record that pushes the classic melodic rock format into the new millennium, but retains the power and the characteristics of the past.
Kick seem to do it with ease and on New Horizon they might just have recorded their best album to date. It's also great to see the art of tasteful guitar soloing hasn't been lost on these guys. It's been a source of frustration to me that this album has been completed for more than a year, but is only now being released. I have no idea why any label would not have jumped on it sooner even a major label. But thankfully wise decisions were made at Majestic Rock Records and the album is upon us.
Kicking off with one of the two tracks from 2002's EP, Electric Storm should be familiar to most. This is a rocker with a modern feel, enhanced by some well placed synth and production effects. As expected the vocals are powerful and direct and the lead guitar work helps keep it melodic.
New Horizon is a heavy modern rocker with a darker tone, but come chorus time its classic hard rock all the way. A cleaver and well orchestrated track with a great guitar riff underlying the tone.
Paralysed is the second EP track to be included on the album and is still a clear winner. I loved this track when it first appeared and my love for it remains just as strong. As the track develops it just gets more intense and that chorus with the soaring vocals just blows me away.
Something To Hold On To is another instant classic. What a gem of a track powerful, intense and emotionally damaging. This classy rock ballad builds from a moody intro into a soaring modern rock anthem that U2 would be proud to call their own.
High acts as a tension circuit breaker. It's been an intense ride so far and this easy going, feel good straight ahead rocker changes the pace nicely.
Power Within gets the tone of the album back on the dark and moody path taken by the opening tracks. Another memorable track, this mid-tempo rocker relies on more production tricks and a strong vocal to guide it.
Forever Yours is another classic. This is a highly original track that has an atmospheric modern rock intro, before a killer lead guitar riff appears and leads the listener into the powerful song that gets better each listen. Cleaver arrangements, great songwriting and that guitar riff make the song very memorable.
The acoustic driven Watch Me Fly acts as another great change of pace in the album. This sentimental rock ballad intensifies mid-song into a full band effort, featuring a fantastic vocal driven chorus.
Access Denied is another highlight this time it's a foot to the floor hard rocker with a strong modern rock vibe. The guitar riff, the dual acoustic/electric approach and a hard rocking chorus prove to be a memorable combination. The funky, semi-alternative Bone is one track I'm not quite sold on, but it could grow on me in future months, although the chorus is just as strong and memorable as elsewhere on the album. In 2 Deep closes out the album in a truly hard rocking fashion. It's one of the more aggressive tracks on the album and runs at double time most of the time! Not the catchiest chorus featured on New Horizon, but there is a great mid-track bridge and guitar solo that impresses.
The Bottom Line
A long time coming, and a lot of anticipation behind this album will means fans are expecting a lot, but I am pleased to say that this album certainly delivers. It's a powerful modern melodic rock record that showcases some great songwriting talent and some great performances. A limited edition version featuring extra bonus tracks and a video is only more reason to buy this essential release ASAP.
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Consider This
Sweet Lick Of Fire
Paralysed EP
New Horizon

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Electric Storm
New Horizon*
Something To Hold On To*
Power Within
Forever Yours*
Watch Me Fly*
Access Denied
In 2 Deep
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