Kelly Keeling Giving Sight To The Eye Mascot Records
· Produced By: Kelly Keeling

· Running Time: 54.17

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Kelly Keeling
Songs: 70%
Sound: 85%
This is interesting...I count myself as a fan of Keeling and his past work, but I'm not particularly blown away by this album. I think some will find it quite marvelous, but I feel others will agree with me. Read on…
Kelly Keeling is a very good singer, using his abilities perfectly to carve out a long career in such bands as Baton Rouge, MSG and Heaven & Earth, not to mention many session performances. Kelly can cover a diverse range of styles and has an instantly recognizable drawl.
This is his first solo album and I am pleased to see Kelly get wider press for himself rather than as a singer for someone else. He sings his heart out on this album and introduces himself as a very fine and articulate guitarist too. But parts of the album take a lot of listening to in order to best appreciate. Even then I'm not sold on a few tracks.
I didn't have any expectation as far as sound, but the album is a bit darker and stylistically takes on a modern approach to the classic rock sound.
I think one problem with this album is that it tries to cover too many bases and is a little bit of everything. Its diversity is admirable and Keeling tackles the styles with gusto, but that is also the main weakness of the album. I think the always changing style doesn't allow the album to slide into the best possible groove.
The album covers straight ahead hard rock (Rising Of The Snake, Nothing); blues rock (Parasite); funky 70's rock a la Glenn Hughes (Broken); acoustic driven classic rock (Sunlight Needs The Day, Head Straight, Jesse); modern hard rock (Hell Is On The Way). Then there is Ground Zero, which itself is quite a marvel! This is an 8 minute epic that sounds more like classic Kansas or ELO! It's a fabulous epic with a monster hook. Funnily enough, the track was written by and features Kansas' Kerry Livgren.
A lot of music to wrap one's ears around and a lot to digest before casting a verdict. Perhaps not one for Baton Rouge fans, but those that enjoyed the second Heaven & Earth album and like their music varied.
The Bottom Line
The guest list included on these songs is mighty impressive. The likes of Don Dokken, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin, Vinny Appice, Kerry Livgren, Roger Daltry, Mitch Perry and Ken Mary all help assist Kelly piece this rich tapestry of music together. How everyone else rates it will depend on personal taste, but I would have preferred a more defined style and perhaps a couple extra catchy choruses.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Giving Sight To The Eye

Line Up
· Kelly Keeling: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano
· Don Dokken, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin, Vinny Appice, Kerry Livgren, Roger Daltry, Mitch Perry, Ken Mary: Guests

Essential for fans of:
· Heaven & Earth - Widowns To The World
· Keeling's Past Projects
Track Listing
· Rising Of The Snake*
· Parasite
· Broken*
· Perfect Day
· Ground Zero*
· Nothing
· Believe
· Sunlight Needs the Day
· Hell Is On The Way
· Head Straight
· Jesse
--*Best Tracks

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