Judas Priest Angel Of Retribution Sony Music
Produced By: Roy Z

Running Time: 51.58

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Heavy Metal

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
I think Judas Priest has delivered a solid comeback album which will sit alongside past Rob Halford fronted releases comfortably, but have stopped short of delivering a metal classic.
I expect a great deal of variation within other reviews for this release. Some will hate the album at all and some love it. The majority so far seem to be enjoying it for what it is an album we all knew would come, but weren't sure when.
Thankfully wise heads prevailed and the band saw what money they could be making on the tour circuit with Rob Halford back in the fold.
Things were worked out, a new deal put in place and an album to tour behind was conceived.
Expectations were high, as Rob was the last to deliver a metal classic with his Halford release Resurrection. And given the man behind that album (Roy Z) was on board here to produce, metal fans were hopeful.
I don't think too many will be disappointed, but the band certainly didn't deliver an all time classic. However, hype surrounding the re-union has driven this album to achieve the highest Billboard 200 chart debut for the band.
Angel Of Retribution is a good metal album that touches on the band's classic sound, while also updating things just enough (without being too much). It is great to hear Halford back in the line up and I think this album surpasses the two efforts with Tim Owens.
The album opens with Judas Rising, delivering the intensity fans craved. Deal With The Devil continues the pace before Revolution turns dark and slow.
Also of note is the very commercial Worth Fighting For and the excellent ballad Angel I'll await feedback on these ones to see what long time fans think. I think both are pretty good tracks and offer something a little different.
Other noteable tracks for me are the classic sounding Wheels Of Fire and the double time rocker Demonizer.
The most reaction I have read surrounds the epic 10 minute NWOBHM track Loch Ness. It seems most have been left scratching their heads, but surely the band have to be taking the piss with this one? Spinal Tap perhaps? Take the concept lightly, whatever you do!
The Bottom Line
I'm not sure the production is as sharp as Roy's work with Halford as a solo artist. However, perhaps the sound here is everything the band requested, attempting to update their sound to a new era and a new market. I wouldn't have worried. It's great to see both Priest and Iron Maiden on the road in this day and age. Get Sabbath back into the studio (although unlikely) and classic metal fans will get the hat-trick they deserve.

Line Up
Rob Halford: Vocals
Glenn Tipton, K.K. Downing: Guitars
Scott Travis: Drums
Ian Hill: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Classic era Priest
Iron Maiden
Track Listing
Deal With The Devil
Worth Fighting For
Wheels Of Fire
--*Best Tracks

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