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Journey Red 13 Frontiers Records
Track Listing
Intro / State Of Grace
The Time (2)
Walking Away From
The Edge (1)
I Can Breathe

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Album Details
Produced By: Neal Schon
& Jonathan Cain
Running Time: 24.28
Release Date: Oct 30 EU &
Nov 22 JP
Released: EU JP US
Genre: AOR
WebLink: Journey Swag
LabelLink: Journey Music

Discography & (Rank)
Escape (1)
Frontiers (4)
Raised On Radio (2)
Trial By Fire (5)
Arrival (6)
Arrival US (3)

Discography / Compilations
Greatest Hits
Time 3
Greatest Hits Live
Essential Journey

Fresh from their break with Sony, Journey go it alone with an independently released EP, available through the band's merchandise site.
The EP sees the band change direction from the multi-layered overdubbed production of their last few records, to a rawer, harder edge that is reminiscent of the band's earlier work and their live sound.
The overall style of the EP is pretty loose. The production is raw and has a definite live feel to it.
No Journey release goes by without considerable debate and I expect no less from this release.
I expect some to love it and embrace it warmly and I expect some others will be a little less excited by it. I think though, the majority will see it for what it is and appreciate it.
It's great to hear some true guitar driven songs from the band. Neal's axe is in fine shape and guides the songs from the intro, through the verse and choruses and importantly, there are some great solo's and song outro's.
These certainly aren't the usual Journey anthem's we have come to expect. But the songs themselves are fairly natural, sounding more suited to a live concert treatment.
Individually, besides the big ballad Walking Away From The Edge, the songs individually don't stand out, but collectively this EP still works.
The songs themselves aren't the best the band have ever recorded - they are good, but they do lack the bigger hooks and choruses that for years have been the band's trademark.
But in fairness to the band and this project - this really is a step away from the style of the last several years and is an experiment by the band that might have felt too controlled under the wings of Sony.
Red 13 is virtually a jam session for the band - cranking out 4 new tunes in quick time, without much padding or studio production effects.
The songs flow freely and the band sound a little closer to forming their own post-Steve Perry identity.
Steve Augeri sings less like Perry and a little more like his old individual style and the band are carving themselves a tight little sound.
All in all, it's an interesting EP that shouldn't be judged on it's own too much, but rather as a piece in the puzzle to where Journey have been and where they will be heading in the future.
I enjoyed the songs here, but certainly will be expecting bigger things with the band's next full CD. They can do anything they want to basically and have the talent to to do it - so what promises to be an even bigger and better full CD will hopefully be not too far away.

Track By Track
A 2 minute intro leads us into State Of Grace, which opens with a nice fat guitar riff. The song rocks along at a good pace, with Augeri sounding fresh and in control.
There are some cool guitar effects that fill the background and a firm pound from the rhythm section of Valory and Castronovo.
The chorus is embedded as part of the song, only differing from the verse slightly. It rocks, but it's not a stadium anthem - although I can see it working live rather well.
The Time has a different swagger to it. It's a moody track, as all these songs are. It's a guitar driven track that features another simple chorus, maximized with some soft backing vocals.
Neal's guitar riff on this song makes it a clear winner and Deen's drumming rules the track. Could have been even heavier I think.
Walking Away From The Edge is the big ballad of this release. Written by Schon, Cain and Andre Pessis, this is an excellent, slow, haunting ballad that features some moody keyboards, some sultry vocals and some fine lead guitar from Neal Schon, reminiscent of his best solo material and past Journey hits. All in all, a great sound and some fine extended guitar solos.
Funnily enough, despite wanting to feature less ballads, this is the best track of the EP.
I Can Breathe is a solid rock track. The chorus is a little stronger and with the other tracks all clocking in at over 6 minutes, this track, at 4 minutes is, sees a song structure a little more familiar for Journey fans.
A good uptempo pop rocker.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
The performance is as we expect from a band of Journey's talent and experience - tight. The production and songwriting lose a few points, but the sequence is good and the running time (especially for an EP) is excellent.
Cover art is simple, but effective and again, for an EP is above average.

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Line Up
Neal Schon: Guitar
Steve Augeri: Vocals
Jonathan Cain: Keyboards
Deen Castronovo: Drums
Ross Valory: Bass





Running Time


Running Time:


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