Jorn The Gathering Frontiers Records
Produced By: Jorn Lande

Running Time: 77.47

Release Date: January 26


Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 93%
For the uninitiated, Jorn Lande is a vocal God, but doesn't always hang around for long doing whatever he does. 2 albums with progressive metallers Ark, two for Masterplan, one for Millenium, 2 for The Snakes and 2 with Vagabond.
He is always on the move, but in between working with an array of other artists and groups, Jorn keeps his solo catalogue ticking over.
In my eyes he can do little wrong, but I'm still waiting for that solo masterpiece. To date it has been his band projects that have left more of a mark, but I still remain a faithful fan of the solo work.
To mark his return to being a solo artist again, Jorn has recorded two new albums, both featuring new recordings and a few remixed tracks from past recordings.
The Gathering is near enough to a greatest hits record, with 16 tracks from his past solo work some of it re-recorded from scratch and some of it re-mixed especially for the occasion.
However, for fans that have everything, there isn't much on offer here to reward you for your dedication. No unreleased songs and the re-recordings aren't far removed from the originals.
Yes, the production has definitely been beefed up and is now sonically aligned with the sound style of Jorn's last album The Duke. But the production of the originals was never really an issue anyway. He has always delivered quality recordings.
So what The Gathering is best for is those new to Jorn. The 16 tracks here are a perfect example of the best facets of his musical personality, and will be a great starting place to get yourself introduced to him.
From the straight ahead hard rock of Worldchanger, Something Real and Where The Winds Blow; to the in your face melodic metal of Young Forever, Tungur Knivur, Sunset Station (brilliant!) and also the more melodic fare such as Bridges Will Burn, House Of Cards, My Own Way (Allen/Lande) and the Millenium track Hourglass this album features it all.
The Bottom Line
This seems like the best way to get a best of compilation together when stuck between 2 or 3 different record labels. Re-record and re-mix them in the guise of a new album.
While there isn't anything new here for long time fans, as stated earlier, the new versions sounds killer and the songs have already proven themselves - so this is best served as an introduction to Jorn for new fans. Check him out already if you have not yet done so!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
World Changer
Out To Every Nation
The Duke
Unlocking The Past
The Gathering

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Essential For Fans Of:
Jorn Lande
Track Listing
Something Real *
Gonna Find The Sun
Bridges Will Burn *
Young Forever *
Tungur Knivur
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
Sunset Station *
Hourglass *
Gate Of Tears
House Of Cards
My Own Way
Abyss Of Evil
Where The Winds Blow *

--*Best Tracks

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