Jorn Out To Every Nation Avalon Marquee
Produced By: Jorn Lande

Running Time: 45.00

Release Date: March 24

Released: JP

Musical Style: Melodic Metal

Songs: 90%
Sound: 90%
Late last year I was asked not to expect too much from this album, as Jorn Lande himself was not happy with the results.
Either Jorn got to fix those problems, or it is a case of the perfectionist strikes again, as nothing on this album indicates anything but pure hard rock perfection!
Jorn on a bad day is still going to be head and shoulders above his nearest competition. He is such a powerful vocalist and has such control over his performance - the material is always delivered with such conviction. He always sounds as if he is in total control.
Out To Every Nation is no exception it's another great example of melodic metal and powerful European hard rock.
Backed by a powerhouse line-up of established metal names, Jorn rips through another selection of classic metal tunes. The guy really should be a household name worldwide.
The opening track is a perfect way to prove the point. Young Forever has a fired up intro and a ear-blasting vocal and shredding guitar riff that slows just a touch for the chorus.
The title track Out To Every Nation is classic Jorn and a personal favourite. In fact, there is no better way to introduce someone to his talents than via this track. It's both epic and powerful, but also thoroughly melodic thanks to a masterful vocal and a classic mellower chorus.
Something Real is a slightly more straight ahead track with a progressive edge and a short, but heavy chorus hook.
Living With Wolves is a true melodic metal track. An interesting intro gives way to a heavy grind that only gets heavier come chorus time. The mid-tempo song changes tempo twice during the chorus, but reverts coming back into the verse.
Vision Eyes is a more relaxed melodic rocker with a slow, but soaring vocal for the chorus.
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun is a stomping 6 minute rocker with a couple of production effects that make things interesting. A stronger chorus might have been beneficial.
Behind The Clown is an interesting mid-tempo track which is a moody rocker rather than ballad as such. It's a track that needs a few listens to before the melodies reveal themselves.
Rock Spirit is a straight up hard rocker with a catchy chorus and cool in your face guitar riff.
Through Day And Night is another uptempo rocker, but one that didn't hold my attention as much as it needs a stronger hook to grab listener's attention.
When Angel Wings Were White is the closing track for the general release and is a fitting way to end the album. It's an extended, slightly progressive mid-tempo rocker with a moody feel and a changing tempo.
Big is the Japanese only bonus track.
The Bottom Line
If anything, the album is slightly less intense than Worldchanger, but is still right up there as far as vocal performances. The production isn't quite as crisp and clear as the last album, which could have been the issue Jorn was referring to and maybe a couple of tunes don't quite match the quality of those on Masterplan or Worldchanger, but those are minor points. I view this album as a cross between Worldchanger and that awesome Masterplan debut of last year.
In any case, I guarantee Jorn fans will still be impressed and the album is a great addition to the already overflowing riches that is the Jorn musical catalogue.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Out To Every Nation

Line Up
Jorn Lande: Vocals
Jrn Viggo Lofstad: Guitar
Magnus Rosn: Bass
Stian Kristoffersen: Drums

Essential for fans of:
Jorn Lande
Millenium - Hourglass
Track Listing
Young Forever*
Out To Every Nation*
Something Real
Living With Wolves*
Vision Eyes*
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
Behind The Clown
Rock Spirit
Through Day And Night
When Angel Wings Were White*

--*Best Tracks

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