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Forgiven (1)
Loved By Me
Sometimes (2)
Always On The Run
Outside Heaven
Every Universe
Falling Apart
Don't Change

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A Place To Call Home (1)
Azalea Place (2)
Joey Tempest (3)

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Joey Tempest
Universal Sweden
Produced By: Joey Tempest
Running Time: 43.13 Genre: Pop / rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: SE
WebLink: Joey Tempest LabelLink: Universal

Joey Tempest's new (and third) solo CD was one of the more anticipated releases of 2002 for me, and indeed, many others.
But it has disappointed me greatly.
Joey's debut A Place To Call Home was a classic piece of singer/songwriter pop rock, with musical credibility and fine songwriting oozing from every second of the record.
His follow up was more mature, laid back and acoustic driven, and certainly has its place - although it turned out to be far less listenable than the debut.
Now after the long wait for this third album, expectations were high. The lead single Forgiven received a mixed response, although I have to say I like it a lot. The beefed up guitar sound and the more commercial friendly modern rock sound led me to believe this would again be a more guitar dominated record, more uptempo and a fine showcase for Joey's great voice.
Wrong, wrong and wrong.
The most immediate emotion I felt after getting this was sheer disappointment that it again features a line up of songs that are slow to mid tempo at best.
But I was prepared to give it some time and some room to breathe. A dozen listens later and I am ready to review the album, place it on the shelf and never listen to it again. Seriously!
Out of the 12 songs featured here - only 2 or 3 do anything for me. The rest are - quite simply put - dull.
Regardless of the fact this is not a rocking record, the songs are devoid of any real zest. There are no big hooks, no layered harmonies, and aside from the very good Forgiven, no other songs strike me as being candidates for future singles.
And the other thing - I am all for bands updating their sound and modernizing. I love nu-breeders like TaxiRide, Avril Lavigne, Rubber, SR-71, Goo Goo Dolls. But the sound style employed here does not suit Joey.
I believe Joey could pull off a modernization, but he needed better songs than these. They just sound as if they have had the life sucked out of them. The excellent production and modern touches are lost on the fact that there are no harmonies binding the songs together and therefore the listeners interest.
Tracks like the U2 friendly Sometimes and the moody pop of Losers certainly have potential, but flat delivery does not beckon repeat listening.

The Bottom Line
There is no denying Joey Tempest's talents as a song writer, musician and vocalist. But I fear that on this album, he has just got it wrong. Excellent production and musically challenging styles can't change the fact that the songs sound flat.
I am sure there will be mixed responses to this review, but this record just does not do anything for me.
I am actually a bigger fan of solo Joey than I am of Europe, but on the strength of this offering, he needs his former band mates more than ever.

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