Joe Lynn Turner Second Hand Life Frontiers Records
Produced By: Not Listed

Running Time: 50.04

Release Date: April 20


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 96%
Sound: 95%
Although I'm talking about an outstanding record here, this review doesn't need to be a lengthy one. Joe Lynn Turner has been at the forefront of quality melodic rock releases more so in the last 5 years than at any time in his nearly 30 years in the business.
Joe's own brand of melodic rock mixed with bluesy classic rock influences is riding high in the minds of fans thanks to last year's great Usual Suspects solo release and the brilliant more AOR themed Sunstorm project.
So with little introduction needed, here is Joe's brand new studio album Second Hand Life.
As promised by Joe, Second Hand Life is a mix of his last solo album perfectly produced straight ahead blues based rock and Sunstorm, more melodic and anthemic AOR songs featuring a more 80s friendly sound.
Second Hand Life is the very definition of Joe Lynn Turner as a performer and artist. It captures a little bit of every musical aspect that he has represented.
This album has everything! The flawless production and perfectly balanced mix are present again and the songs paint a portrait of the artist's career.
Love Is Life and the title track Second Hand Life are perfect AOR anthems. In the case of the opening track, Tor Talle and RockStar's Deanna Johnston have helped Joe deliver one of 2007's standout anthems and the title track is down to AOR magician Jim Peterik again playing a role in co-writing yet another melodic rock classic.
Joe's blues roots again shine through on the dramatic Got Me Where You Want Me and Cruel. Both tunes holding their own on an album packed with great songs.
Of course there has to be room for the sentimental, and the ballads In Your Eyes and Love Is On Our Side provide perfect balance for the album.
In the case of In Your Eyes, Joe delivers one of his best ballads ever the track overflows with soul and emotion.
The European bonus track Two Lights is a great commercial 80s rocker in the vein of Joe's early sound and Blood Red Sky is another album highlight from the lingering opening guitar solo to the blues based verse to the anthemic chorus.
And the rest of the album is straight ahead rock delivered in the classic JLT style.
Sweet Obsession and Over The Top are great and Stroke Of Midnight (originally written for Deep Purple) is a yet another highlight.
The Bottom Line
I know Rescue You has a 25 year head start in the classics stakes, but surely Second Hand Life must rank up there as one of JLT's best records ever if not the best? It simply has everything and takes in all aspects of everything that the name Joe Lynn Turner brings to mind. A seriously great record and one anyone remotely passionate about JLT should own it ASAP.
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The Usual Suspects
Second Hand Life

Line Up:
Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
Karl Cochran: Guitars
Michael Cartellone: Drums
Bob Held: Bass
Gary Corbett: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Joe Lynn Turner
Deep Purple - Slaves And Masters
Track Listing
Love is Life *
Got Me Where You Want Me *
Second Hand Life *
In Your Eyes *
Blood Red Sky *
Stroke of Midnight
Over the Top *
Sweet Obsession
Love Is On Our Side
Two Lights *

--*Best Tracks

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