Jean Beauvoir Chameleon Frontiers Records
FRCD 207
Produced By: Jean Beauvoir

Running Time: 48.24

Release Date: August 30

Released: EU

Musical Style: Pop / Rock

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Songs: 88%
Sound: 82%
For all intents and purposes, Jean Beauvoir is Crown Of Thorns, but for the first time since the late 80's, Jean has stepped out from behind his band moniker to present an all new album of solo material.
Jean started with the acclaimed album Drums Along The Mowhawk in 1986, a classic example of mid-80's high-tech pop rock. Jackknifed followed, before disappearing to work on material that would become the debut Crown Of Thorns album.
Since then, COT have released several albums and more recently Jean released a collection of old and new tracks presented acoustically, titled Bare To The Bones.
But Chameleon is a solo album proper and sees Jean moving back to his early roots and presenting a softer pop styled album.
Proving to be the talent he is known for, Jean plays all instruments, wrote all the songs and produced the album himself. This isn't an album every fan of Jean or Crown Of Thorns will be comfortable with. This isn't an album for all melodic/hard rock fans. This is a very smooth collection of well written and performed pop songs.
Chameleon is one for fans of the softer side of life and those that like to cool their heels every once and awhile.
The production quality is excellent, as is the balanced mix. While much of the album is programmed, it thankfully avoids that horrid fake computerized feel.
The album runs through a few styles, from the smooth uptempo pop of I Wanna Know, I Want To Lay Here and Dying End; to the ballads Even More and Angel; to the funk of I Don't Need You and Addicted To Us and not forgetting the feel good calypso pop of Where The River Runs Deep.
A tougher, more familiar Beauvoir can be found on the more guitar driven Higher and the heavily programmed Something To Believe In.
The Bottom Line
The album is a quite varied affair, but thanks to clear vision from Beauvoir remains a cohesive and free flowing collection of songs. It does get a little slow in places, but is otherwise a fine example of soft pop.
Jean remains in fine voice and there is no denying the overall quality just be prepared for something different and don't put it on if you really feel like something along the lines of Megadeth.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Drums Along The Mowhawk

Line Up
Jean Beavoir: Vocals, All Instrumentation

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Track Listing
I Wanna Know*
I Don't Need Ya'
Where The River Runs Deep*
I Want To Lay Here
Something To Believe In*
Even More
Addicted To Us*
Dying End
--*Best Tracks

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