Jay Miles 9 Hours MTM Music
· Produced By: Mike Farrow

· Running Time: 55.14

· Release Date: April 25

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: AOR / Westcoast

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 96%
This is an interesting one. Jay Miles is a native of Switzerland who performed a number of recording duties for others before his own band Steamtrain released an album in the early 90s.
It charted in Europe and Jay (born Jürg Eichmann) headed to the USA to find fame. It hasn't happened, but Jay continued different recording sessions over the years and funded the recording of this album himself.
I'm told Jay put a staggering amount of money into this release and playback reveals where it went. Not a single note is out of place and every song is a finely crafted and perfectly executed piece of Westcoast Pop/AOR.
Its evident Jay has poured his heart and soul into this release. The hired guns involved in the recording of this album prove to be worth every cent, as the album is as smooth as any Westcoast release I can recall.
Featured on the album are the talents of Steve Lukather, Michael Thompson, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Buchanan, C. J. Vanston, plus producer Mike Farrow and engineer Greg Ladanyi – with none of these guys coming cheaply.
As you can ascertain from the description thus far, this is a very fine album indeed. High grade performances and soulful vocals are the order of the day. However, one definitely needs to be a far of Westcoast to best appreciate this release and even then, some might find it just a little too sugary.
It's very sweet, it's very polished and the style of Jay's vocals do take some getting used to.
His delivery is obviously ultra smooth and the tone has a slight European accent and certainly a European feel to it. But the music that surrounds it is so perfectly placed, I'm sure a few listens in, all will agree it's a fine release.
The material of 9 Hours ranges from bright, bubbly pop numbers through to slow, soulful numbers, all featuring what appears to be a fairly simple musical base – yet on each listen, more layers are revealed in what turns out to be a pretty complex tapestry.
Everlasting Love kicks off the album, with a dramatic musical burst that reminds me of Mark Spiro at his best. An uptempo feel good chorus is a fine way to start any release.
I Don't Want To Hold You is darker and a little more dramatic while Safe returns to the breezy feel of the opener.
Other highlights include the acoustic driven pure pop of Still Believe In Love and the uptempo Westcoast AOR of I'm Still Breathing.
Some good ballads are featured, Angel allowing some acoustic guitar passages over a light vocal and Grandpa's Chair is as sweet as they come. The vocal on this track reminds me a little of Peter Cetera.
Back On The Street and What About Us change the tempo of the album a little to offer something a little darker and more dramatic.
The Bottom Line
A very smooth, very deliberate release that features a lot of musical detail and a great deal of songwriting thought. It cost a packet to record and sounds it, but the biggest barrier to widespread acceptance is the very name at the top of the marquee. Jay's voice and soft musical style isn't going to be for everyone, but for lovers of Westcoast pop and the musicians involved, there remains plenty to enjoy.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Steamtrain
· 9 Hours

Line Up
· Jay Miles: Vocals
· Steve Lukather, Michael Thompson: Guitar
· Neil Stubenhaus: Bass
· CJ Vanston, Robbie Buchanan: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
· Crossfade, Heartplay
· Mark Spiro
· Chicago
Track Listing
· Everlasting Love*
· I Don't Want To Hold You
· Safe*
· Angel*
· Lonely
· Still Believe In Love*
· What About Us
· Sendin' All My Love
· Back On The Street
· Grandpa's Chair
· I'm Still Breathin'*
· I Can't Make You Love Me
· Lonely (Bonus track - Soul Mix)
--*Best Tracks

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