Jaded Heart Trust Ulftone Music
Produced By: Michael Bormann

Running Time: 61.54

Release Date: February 16

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 97%
Sound: 91%
It is widely regarded that IV was Jaded Heart's best record. No surprise then that the band has chosen to return to the more hard hitting approach of that album.
The last opus The Journey Will Never End was still very classy and largely enjoyable and I rated it highly. But it was a little more diverse and somewhat softer than the band's previous efforts.
I don't believe there was any undue pressure on the band to deliver, but for whatever reason, they have really nailed it with Trust.
The band has really put in a superb effort. Everyone is on song. Popular vocalist Michael Bormann sounds better than ever, really launching himself into the vocals. Guitarist Barish Kepic serves up some of the band's toughest riffs and best solos and the rhythm section is as tight and as powerful as they have ever been. Then there's the harmony vocals - easily the most satisfying in the band's career.
From 13 tracks, there really isn't any song that lets the listener down. There isn't any let-up in intensity, with the opening rock anthem Anymore and the more urgent Feels Like Home really kicking things into high gear from the word go.
There are some lighter moments to vary the pace, but those tracks, like Burning Heart, still have massive intensity. Throw in a couple of big Def Leppard style anthem ballads in the form of Love Is Magic and If I Lose, add a couple of slower, moody rockers like Masquerade, Trust and Let It Rain and you have a perfect balance to the uptempo hard rockers like Hating You and Jaded.
I can't compliment the band enough on their selection of songs and the power of the delivery on Trust. These are quite simply, the best songs the band has recorded.
My only small compliant is the record at times sounds too loud. Maybe it was the mastering, but at times it sounds a little distorted and just too loud. Rightly so that this record should be played and appreciated at high volumes, but let the listener control that.
The Bottom Line
Jaded Heart are to be commended for doing what they do best and writing some great songs to highlight that fact. This is just a fabulous example of European/German melodic hard rock, with killer songs, big choruses, lots of harmonies and some really hard rocking riffs.
It's probably nothing you haven't heard before, but seldom is it done so consistently well. Jaded Heart fans are going to eat this up and new fans won't be far behind.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Jaded Heart
Slaves And Masters
Mystery Eyes
The Journey Will Never End

Line Up
Michael Bormann: Vocals
Barish Kepic: Guitar
Axel Kruse: Drums
Michael Muller: Bass
Henning Wanner: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Michael Bormann
Def Leppard
Track Listing
Feels Like Home*
Burning Heart*
If I Lose*
Let It Rain
Love Is Magic*
Sweet Summertime
Hating You
Give It Back
--*Best Tracks

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