Impellitteri Wicked Maiden Metal Heaven
Produced By: Impellitteri & Greg Reely

Running Time: 43.19

Release Date: April 24


Musical Style: Melodic Metal

Links: Metal Heaven
Songs: 92%
Sound: 94%
Finally an album that delivers exactly what was expected and hoped of it! And finally a ball-busting album with grooves big enough to damage ear drums.
Impellitteri doesn't reinvent the wheel here, but rather the star guitarist reunites with the original (and the best singer) he worked with in Rob Rock and turns back the clock to give fans the best and most traditional sounding Impellitteri album since the metal masterpiece Answer To The Master.
Wicked Maiden is a hit on a few levels. First the performances are golden Rob sounds amazing fronting the band again and Chris Impellitteri is simply all over this record with riffs, flurries and solos everywhere.
But most importantly, the songs are there. The last album showed promise, but experimentation with style put some fans off. This time it is all classic Impellitteri. Back to the 80s, back to the classic sound and style, but never is it dated.
Just big riffs, screaming vocals, harmony vocals in all the right places and some genuinely catchy choruses.
Albums like these do have the tendency to sound very similar from track to track, but I'm pleased to say that almost every track here has its own feel within the traditional Impellitteri framework. Wicked Maiden features Rob Rock at his screaming best and guitar flurries everywhere; Last Of A Dying Breed is simply brutal and Weapons Of Mass Destruction is snappy and ear crushing.
Garden Of Eden and High School Revolution is like the mid-80s was only last week and so it goes on.
There isn't a second on this album which isn't full of energy and delivering melodic metal in the most positive light.
The Bottom Line
It sounds big, it's played big and it delivers big. The band's best album since Answer To The Master and once again these guys show how metal is done.
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Line Up:
Rob Rock: Vocals
Chris Impellitteri: Guitars
Brandon Wild: Drums
James Pulli: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Rob Rock
Old School US Metal -
Track Listing
Wicked Maiden *
Last Of A Dying Breed *
Weapons of Mass Distortion *
Garden of Eden *
The Vision
Eyes Of An Angel
High School Revolution *
Wonderful Life
The Battle Rages On

--*Best Tracks

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