Produced by: Chris Impellitteri

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Yngwie, Rob Rock
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. United We Stand
  2. Perfect Crime
  3. End Of The World
  4. She's A Nighttime Lover
  5. Slow Kill
  6. Why Do They Say That
  7. Rock & Roll Heroes
  8. Gotta Get Home
  9. What Kind Of Sanity
  10. Falling In Love With A Stranger

I must admit I held a great deal of anticipation for the new Impellitteri album. It features the return of vocalist Graham Bonnet and comes after a few years gap between albums.
All the effort that seemingly went into this being written and recorded, I felt for sure a classic would be on the cards.
It's not. This release does come as somewhat of a disappointment, but it's because it's a bad record.
Not at all. It's just not the classic I had hoped for.
Turning back to the mid 90's, Impellitteri's Answer To The Master is a classic. That is an album that features some of the best heavy guitar shred songs in recent memory, plus it features some fabulous harmonies, plus high class lead and backing vocals.
System X certainly rocks, but it offers no surprises. Chris Impellitteri's guitar sound is in tact in the same fashion it was on the last few records and the song style has not varied either.
Pounding hard rockers, with plenty of hard riff's and the required dose of shredding and soloing are all part of the charm of the record.
If you are a converted fan of his previous works, then this album will come as no surprise and will probably slot in alongside his other releases with ease and I have no doubt that many great hours of listening pleasure will follow.
But for those looking for Bonnet to bring something new to the mix, it hasn't happened. I love his vocals, they are certainly as strong as ever and as powerful as the album requires, but in ditching Rob Rock, Impellitteri hasn't come out better off.
This album's lyrics (co-written with Jo Eime) are also seemingly more political than ever, which don't seem to sit as well as they could in the structure of the music. On other occasions, they turn a little sleazy and I have to say that in some places they are quite lame. Minor point.
BOTTOM LINE: The line up of James Pulli on bass, Ed Roth on keys and Glen Sobel on drums create a tight musical environment that sounds great. But musically it just doesn't excite me as much as it should or as much as previous albums have.
10 tracks, no ballads, all rockers makes this a big hard rocking album, but one with little variation.
Stick to the much better and quite essential Answer To The Master and Victim Of The System albums.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard Chris Impellitteri fans, most regular Impellitteri fans and Graham Bonnet fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Stand In Line . Impellitteri . Victim Of the System . Answer To The Master . Screaming Symphony . Eye Of The Hurricane . Crunch . System X

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