House Of Lords Come To My Kingdom Frontiers Records
· Produced By: House Of Lords / Mixed: Dennis Ward

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· Release Date: Out Now

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· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 97%
Sound: 97%
For the first time in their long history, House Of Lords have actually made a record that matches the sound of their previous record. The band has their much loved "base" sound, but when you look back, each record has had its own feel and World Upside Down, while returning to the band's classic style, was still different enough again.
Come To My Kingdom sees the band use the blueprint from World Upside Down to further enhance their reputation as a band that knows what fans want and can deliver.
The new album takes the most commercial aspects of the last record and amplifies them, making it a chorus and anthem rich affair.
In fact, there are so many hooks and soaring choruses on this record it can leave the listener exhausted upon completion. Fans who rejoiced at the band's return to basics on World Upside Down will find just as much to love here – if not more.
Personally I rate it even higher than the last album, which is no mean feat. I just love the pace of the record and the continuous appearance of more hooks and melodies.
Every single track on this record has a great chorus. Few bands can boast such a feat and few deliver such rich harmonies surrounding those choruses.
And like the last album, Come To My Kingdom has a monster sound. It is not as heavy as World Upside Down – it appears even more finely polished and refined. That might be an issue with some, but there is still plenty of great guitar moments and a stand out point on this album is the monster drum sound and performance by BJ Zampa. He is really all over this record and the powerful rhythm section is the force behind these songs.
Commercial and polished perhaps, this is still a very powerful record.
Famous of course for their bombastic intro's Come To My Kingdom is no different, but this time the guys throw off the Giuffria influence on Purgatorio Overture n.2 to concentrate on some guitar tricks. And so goes the theme of the record.
Every track on this album features another great hook and a memorable chorus, so just to highlight a few favourites -
Come To My Kingdom opens the album proper with a slamming guitar riff and a darker moody rocker that is classic House Of Lords.
I Need To Fly is an incredible mid-tempo soaring anthem with a chorus that is as instant as it is classic.
In A Perfect World is one of the album's heavier tracks, such as there was on World Upside Down, but I wasn't always blown away by those tracks on the last album. This is much more consistent and the chorus delivers.
Another Day From Heaven and The Dream are two of the softer tracks on the album, but again, a flawless James Christian vocal and great choruses make them memorable in their own right.
One Foot In The Dark has a darker feel and a really smooth verse, lifting to another incredible chorus and a heavier riff. I just adore this track and things go into overdrive when it is followed by the equally fabulous and anthemic Your Every Move which features another chorus to die for.
I Believe is slightly mellower but features another big chorus making this a triple dose of melodic brilliance.
In The Light closes the album with another big chorus and a rocking beat. It really is a case of one great song after another.
The Bottom Line
If anything the album could have used a tougher guitar sound in parts or some added Giuffria keyboard flair. And dare I say the lyrics are on occasion a little repetitive in theme. But boy…those are just a couple of very small critiques of an otherwise monster album and another classic chapter of the House Of Lords history.
2008 has been a great year for melodic rock and this tops the list so far.
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· Sahara
· Demons Down
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· World Upside Down
· Come To My Kingdom

Line Up:
· James Christian: Vocals
· Jimi Bell: Guitars
· BJ Zampa: Drums
· Jeff Kent: Bass, Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· House Of Lords - World Upside Down
· James Christian
· Commercial American Melodic Rock
Track Listing
· Purgatorio Overture n.2
· Come To My Kingdom *
· I Need To Fly *
· I Don't Wanna Wait All Night
· Another Day From Heaven
· In A Perfect World *
· The Dream *
· One Foot In The Dark *
· Your Every Move *
· I Believe *
· One Touch
· Even Love Can't Save Us
· In The Light *
· Another Day From Heaven (Acoustic)

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