Track Listing
Change Comes Around
Killing Me (2)
Stuck With You
Hard To Love (3)
You Ruined Everything
This Ain't Over
See Saw
If You
Warming A Frozen Rose
How Long
Outside Your Window
So Blind
The Paint Thins
No Justice (1)

(*) Best Tracks

Studio Discography & (Rank)
Harem Scarem (3)
Mood Swings (1)
Voice Of Reason (4)
Believe/Karma Cleansing (4)
Big Bang Theory (6)
Rubber (8)
Ultra Feel (7)
Weight Of The World (2)

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Live At The Gods
Frontiers Records FRCD 137
Produced By: Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance
Running Time: 71.29 Release Date: December 2nd
Released: EU Genre: Melodic Rock
WebLink: Harem Scarem LabelLink: Frontiers

Harem Scarem are no strangers to live albums - but this one is a little different.
Firstly, it was recorded at this year's outstanding Gods Festival, secondly, it's available without the hefty Japanese import price tag!
Now & Then/Frontiers recorded the whole show for CD and DVD releases - this is the audio version of Harem's set.
I can imagine every single person at the gig getting this CD, but what about those who weren't? What do they get?
Well, this is a very tidy greatest hits set, taking in a few classic tunes from the debut album, several off this years Weight Of The World album, a few Rubber tracks and almost everything in between.
In fact, with the album's track listing, every Harem/Rubber album is accounted for.
So, established fans of the band should really dig this, as there is something for everyone. Those few that still haven't forgiven the band for changing after Mood Swings still might not be convinced, but if any are reading this - you don't know what you are missing!
The live album's sound is fabulous - the recording is crisp, clear and well mixed by the band themselves.
As far as the delivery - well, this is obviously a very stripped back, raw, rock n roll approach.
There are no keyboards and no slick multi-layering, but with the band's own tight, well oiled live machine working in overdrive, the vibe of the whole set is great. especially for fans of raw, effects free live albums.

The Bottom Line
Essential for everyone at the Gods, as this was the best set of the evening, but also a great pick up for those that have not yet purchased a live Harem album, due to the excessive price of Japanese imports.
Some of the crowd banter is there, but some of the jokes Harry told have been edited, which probably helps the flow of the CD, but with any luck, they will have been retained for the DVD release - a review of which will be coming shortly.

Line Up
Harry Hess: Vocals, Guitar
Pete Lesperance: Guitar
Creighton Doane: Drums
Barry Donaghy: Bass

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