Gypsy Rose Another World Escape Music
Produced By: Martin Kronlund

Running Time: 50.17

Release Date: June 20


Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 92%
I haven't been a fan of everything vocalist David Reece has been involved in over the years, but I am a fan of everything Gypsy Rose founder Martin Kronlund has done.
I am definitely a fan of Reece's work in Bangalore Choir, which I thought was one of the more intelligent records released out of the USA in the early 90s.
So the mix of these two personalities has a lot of appeal to me and I think that translates into the record delivered.
This is an energetic melodic metal release with Kronlund's typically bombastic European approach, featuring a tight rhythm section, plenty of guitars and swirling keyboards.
Reece sounds exactly as expected gruff and raspy, yet with a controlled tone that adds a melodic edge to the intense vocal.
The opening riff-tastic double kickdrum fired Final Call is a great slice of European metal and the moodier, slower Nothing Really Matters is more dramatic and intense.
Keeping the intensity with a pace inbetween the opening two rockers is Angels, which has the most obvious chorus of the three.
When I Call Your Name is a metal ballad that reminds me of Bangalore Choir.
Don't Look Back is one of the album's more bombastic tunes as Reece takes Gypsy Rose in a fresh direction.
Just as Fired started to sound a little repetitive, the thumping A Little Ain't Enough fires up the album again.
All The Way To The Sun features the most instant and anthemic chorus of the album as we hit a solid run of late album tracks, including the moody angst of A Million Miles and the frantic pace and bombastic nature of Liar.
Another World is a little too much and a little repetitive again, but the closing straight ahead hard rocker Hellhammer is more enjoyable.
The Bottom Line
This is a different beast than the debut Gypsy Rose record. This is a more metal minded release, the influence of David Reece clearly in play. But it is a very strong record again and the attraction of Reece will no doubt bring some new fans into the fray.
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Gypsy Rose
Another World

Line Up:
David Reece: Vocals
Martin Kronlund: Guitars
Imre Daun: Drums
Mats Bostedt: Bass
Rikard Quist: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
David Reece
Track Listing
Final Call *
Nothing Really Matters *
Angels *
When I Call Your Name
Don't Look Back *
A Little Ain't Enough *
All The Way To The Sun
A Million Miles
Another World
Hellhammer *

--*Best Tracks

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