Gotthard Need To Believe Nuclear Blast
Produced By: Rich Chicky

Running Time: 44.34

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 97%
Maintaining their reputation as one of hard rock's most consistent and reliable bands, Switzerland's biggest ever rock band Gotthard return with another crowd pleasing album of anthems and emotional rockers.
When any band has been around some 17 years, each release will cause some debate amongst fans that have a particular allegiance to a particular album.
I am of the opinion that these guys can pretty much do no wrong. While their pinnacle was the amazing Lipservice album, the follow up Domino Effect was almost as infectious, if not as commercial as its predecessor.
Need To Believe fits somewhere in between. It has the song strength and anthemic qualities of Lipservice, but retains some of the darker, more contemporary slant of Domino Effect.
One thing is for certain the production is amazing, the band sounds brilliant and once again the album is chock full of songs that draw you back for repeat listens, time and time again.

Track By Track:
The heavy retro Led Zep riff of Shangri-La sets up the album in that tough and uncompromising way, but the soaring chorus was an immediate hit with me.
The faster tempo of Unspoken Words is to me classic Gotthard powerful, hard hitting and Steve Lee's raspy vocals, all building to a massive chorus. Perfect hard rock.
The slow and moody, yet hard rocking title track Need To Believe makes it 3 for 3 as far as great choruses go.
Unconditional Faith eases up on the intensity, with a mostly acoustic driven pop rocker.
I Don't Mind rocks with a heavy hand and that Gotthard intensity. A decent chorus yes, but more so in that 'album track' vein.
Break Away has a certain hard rock swagger before a big commercial chorus bursts through. Another great song.
Don't Let Me Know is the first real ballad of the album and features the emotional intensity and killer chorus that we expect from this band.
Right From Wrong is just a great hard rocker with a big riffing chorus.
I Know, You Know is another solid album track with yet another original chorus and leading guitar riff.
Rebel Soul rocks hard and fast. And another great chorus makes this a real hard rock album.
Tears To Cry is a big rock ballad to close the album. The style that starts slow and builds to a flurry at the end.
The Bottom Line
This is how Bon Jovi should be doing it. Pleasing your core fans first and then worrying about who else might listen in afterwards.
I stated this album slotted in between the last two studio albums and that's exactly where I rate this, although I will forever regret not giving Lipservice a higher score when originally reviewed. I just though the last 2 or 3 songs killed the momentum of the album as a whole. Here though the band don't out stay their welcome and 12 tracks makes for a very tidy and hard rocking release. The angst and attitude of Domino Effect, but with the choruses and melodic sensibility of Lipservice. Great stuff!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
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Human Zoo
Lip Service
Domino Effect
Need To Believe

Line Up:
Steve Lee: Vocals
Leo Leoni, Freddy Scherer: Guitars
Hena Habegger: Drums
Marc Lynn: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Bon Jovi
European Hard Rock
Track Listing
Shangri-La *
Unspoken Words *
Need To Believe *
Unconditional Faith *
I Don't Mind
Break Away *
Don't Let Me Know
Right From Wrong *
I Know, You Know
Rebel Soul *
Tears To Cry

--*Best Tracks

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