Glenn Hughes
Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels
Frontiers Records
Produced By: Hughes and Fabrizio Grossi

Running Time:

Release Date: September 20

Released: EU

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 88%
Since his comeback in the mid-90's a new Glenn Hughes release used to be a real event. Now it's a pretty regular thing, with a little less excitement attached, but nevertheless still worthy of getting excited about.
I am a great fan of Hughes and his unique abilities, but wasn't sure what this release would offer.
One listen and it was pretty clear. Several more listens and there is no doubt. This is one for the long time fans those that have been with Hughes since the early days and those that appreciate his vast musical legacy. Those more casual fans or those just into his more melodic songs/releases will not have as much to gain from this album.
Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels is Glenn and band, with guests, packed into a LA studio for a live performance in front of a handful of invited friends and fans.
It's Glenn at his raw, fly by the seat of your pants, best.
The band for this show features Glenn, with Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith, guitarist JJ Marsh, keys man Ed Roth and second guitarist George Nastos.
The band are hot, but the star of this show besides Glenn and his thumping bass playing is drummer Chad, who really puts in a stellar performance.
Glenn's vocals are something else the man is not called the Voice Of Rock for no reason. He shines throughout this and his tone will blow you away.
I said this is one for the die-hards for a reason. Glenn takes the songs and in this intimate live setting, really gives them a workout. There are only 11 tracks in the live set, yet the gig couldn't fit onto a single CD. Each track is extended and ad-libbed to, with several tracks reaching and even passing 10 minutes in length.
If you don't like jamming and extended solos, move on!
Glenn covers his career, but only touches on most areas. The reality that 11 tracks could cover 30+ years in the business was never going to fly.
Included are tracks from recent solo works (Can't Stop The Flood & Higher Places and Written All Over Your Face), plus songs from his first band Trapeze (Seafull and Medusa), plus Hughes/Thrall (First Step Of Love) and Deep Purple (Mistreated, Getting Tighter and You Keep On Movin').
The Healer is a bonus studio track which is a laid back acoustic driven track. It's a nice soft Hughes track which sees him in a relaxed mode.
As for the accompanying DVD release the sound is available in both stereo and a 5.1 surround mix. I'm happy to report that both sound fabulous and the performance is as I have said, bang on.
Bu the picture quality of this release is dreadful. The are 3 or 4 cameras in action, so the footage and angles are varied, but none of the footage is clear and viewable on a regular basis.
The footage is so dark in places that it's hard to make out who the camera is even focusing on and elsewhere the picture is blurred and muddy. The setting and location is not a problem, I'd watch Hughes from the moon if need be, but in this instance, the quality is really not up to standard.
The Bottom Line
Both CD release comes highly recommended for long time Hughes fans. This is one of the finest examples of loose, free-flowing 70's hard rock and the voice alone is why we are buying this but the performance by all is something to behold. A great if not short summary of a fabulous career.
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Line Up
Glenn Hughes: Vocals, Bass
JJ Marsh, George Nastos: Guitar
Chad Smith: Drums
Ed Roth: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Glenn Hughes
Trapeze, Deep Purple
Track Listing
Can't Stop The Flood*
Higher Places
Written All Over Your Face*
Wherever You Go
Coast To Coast
First Step Of Love*
Gettin' Tighter*
You Keep On Moving
The Healer (bonus studio track)
--*Best Tracks

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