Glenn Hughes First Underground Nuclear Kitchen Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Glenn Hughes

· Running Time: 52.00

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Funk, Soul & Rock

· Links: Glenn Hughes Frontiers
Songs: 85%
Sound: 91%
Glenn Hughes has now officially out-funked himself. With every album he becomes a little more empowered towards becoming the funkiest white man on the planet and the fact that parts of this album could be the soundtrack of the 70s suggests that he has reached his goal.
For fans of Hughes the musician – or more precisely – Hughes the funkster, this album is superb as always. I feel that this album has a mellower heart and more soul, and less of the rock attitude that Glenn infused with the last couple of records.
This pure pop, soul and funk. In fact this album is so 70s, Led Zeppelin making out with James Brown at a soul convention could not have out funked the Hughester.
The attention to detail really does put it in the position of being the true sequel to Hughes' 1976 album Play Me Out. From the funky organ, to the horns and brass, to the swaggering sexuality of the tunes, this is truly shag carpet stuff.
That's the good news for fans of his direction in recent years. This is one authentic album and credit to Glenn for reaching this level of musical enlightenment.
Unfortunately for fans of Glenn the rocker, there is almost nothing here left to grasp to in the desperate hope he will reprise From Now On or Addiction.
I class myself as a fan of anything Glenn does, he is just that good.
I liked the last couple of albums very much – where the funk was still coming through mixed with rock, in preference to this one – just because I find this a little too mellow overall and consumed by funk and soul.
Favorite tunes for me include the harder hitting and snappy funk of Love Communion; the smooth opener Crave; the attitude filled Never Say Never and the rock attitude of Too Late To Save The World.
Chad Smith adds his typically sharp and dramatic drumming, which is all over this record and tell me Hughes himself isn't the master of the bass? His thumping rhythm is also all over this record and works in perfect tandem to Smith.
The Bottom Line
The album flows really well and for what Glenn wanted, I say that he completely nailed it. It sounds great, is wonderfully produced and features sharp attention to detail. But...for good as this album is for what it is, I won't be playing it too often as it steps further in a direction I don't want to follow much further. I do generally need more rock n roll in the funk mix and previously Glenn has delivered that.
After Play Me Out, Feel, Soul Mover, Music For The Divine and now FUNK, I have my complete Glenn Hughes funk n soul collection….now I want some more rock! Is that selfish of me? After all, Glen Hughes is the voice of rock right?
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· Addiction
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· Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine, Soul Mover
Track Listing
· Crave *
· First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
· Satellite
· Love Communion *
· We Shall Be Free
· Imperfection
· Never Say Never *
· We Go To War
· Oil And Water
· Too Late to Save the World *
· Where There's A Will

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