Track Listing
I'm a Believer
Shake Me Up
Innocent Days (1)
I Can't Get Close Enough
Because We Ended As Lovers
I'll See You In My Dreams
Chained (2)
Thunder And Lightning
The Big Pitch
Lay It On The Line (Acoustic)
I'm A Believer (Acoustic)
Chained (Acoustic)
Stay (Acoustic) (3)

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
Last Of The Runaways (2)
Time To Burn (1)
III (3)
Live And Acoustic (4)

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Giant (obviously!)
Live And Acoustic
Frontiers Records FRCD 131
Produced By: Giant
Running Time: 74.02 Release Date: February 24
Released: EU Genre: Melodic Rock
LabelLink: Frontiers

Giant are back with their second archival release in two years, the first being unreleased studio tracks, this one gathering a number of live tracks.
It's an essential release for any fans of Giant looking to complete their collection and is a tidy compilation in it's own right.
Trading of Giant live bootlegs has been pretty consistent, so it's nice to get these tracks in mastered studio quality.
Tracks 1-9 are full rocking band tracks, recorded for 2 radio shows on the band's UK appearances in 1989 and 1992.
Radio shows are normally great trading fodder, but good quality versions have been hard to find - hence why this sounds especially good. Tracks 1-7 are one show, 8 and 9 another.
The remaining 4 tracks are from an acoustic performance in 1992. These two sound fabulous and do not double up on any previously released acoustic tracks. Yes, the version of Stay is again different from the other two acoustic versions previously released.
All the tracks sound great - featuring a nice raw, live vibe with the sound substantially less polished than the album versions. Like I said earlier, perfect for long time fans of this absolutely classic band.
But there remains a need for a small footnote. These are the only official live recordings owned by the band, therefore we are at the mercy of what tracks they decided to play live. If I had a choice, I would have passed over a few of these tracks for better album tracks. Giant have a thing for recording epic slow to mid-tempo numbers and with 3 of those and an epic new instrumental featured mid-album here, the pace does get bogged down a little.
However, AOR fans will delight in the inclusion of Innocent Days - one of the greatest ever AOR anthems. The hard rock version of the classic album track Chains is something else too. It should be added that few bands sound as great as Giant do unplugged. Sensational!

The Bottom Line
A great compilation of live tracks that will suit long time fans of the band. But with those studio tracks already release and now these live numbers dusted off, it's time for the band to prove they are serious about being back and deliver a new studio album!

Line Up
Dann Huff: Vocals, Guitar
Mark Oakey: Guitar
Larry Hall: Keyboards
David Huff: Drums
Mike Brignardello: Bass

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