Frontline The Seventh Sign AOR Heaven
· Produced By: Robby Böbel

· Running Time: 39.38

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: AOR Heaven
Songs: 92%
Sound: 90%
Frontline have pretty much kept on formula with this new release with the notable exception of really cranking the delivery of their new songs.
Style wise nothing has changed, which will please long time fans, but the boys really do rock hard now.
Previous the guys have been best known for being Germany's best AOR band.
Their Journey friendly melodies have gradually increased in intensity and funnily enough, I wrote this about their last album:
"Frontline are back with their toughest sounding record to date. Their first couple of albums held strong comparisons to Journey and sure enough, vocalist Stephan Kaemmerer retains that style to his voice.
But Against The World is tougher than the AOR sounds of recent Journey. This time around the guys have a more distinct European hard rock feel - natural for a German band! - with songs more guitar driven than before. Keyboards still play a strong role - leading the intro for a few tracks, but generally act as a support to strong guitar parts."
I have cut and paste that whole paragraph into this review, as I am having a strong case of deja-vu. Just as Against The World upped the anti from Right Attitude, so to does The Seventh Sign from Against The World – even more dramatically.
This is heavier and tougher again and the band are now well and truly a part of the hard rock fraternity. The choruses, the melodies and the vocals (with required layered harmonies) remain chosen from the AOR handbook, but they are now delivered in a guitar fuelled, in your face, high octane, hard rock style.
You Can't Tame Me immediately informs the listener something different is happening here. A more aggressive lead vocal drives the style change – this is a heavy in your face hard rocker, but with the band's trademark vocal sound and harmony style in place.
This Lie continues to rock, but with the foot off the accelerator a little. The big chorus and the song's multiple layers are typical of the band's style and will appeal to long time fans.
Like You Do is slower again, but this time heavier and darker. There is a certain intensity about this track and it suits the band. An album highlight.
Getaway is closer to the bands more AOR roots, but still features a tough guitar sound. Another big chorus helps the melodic cause.
Take Me Higher rocks big time – this is an uptempo track with soaring vocals and another strong chorus.
Part Of My Life returns to the darker mood of Like You Do.
Where's The Love rocks, but like Getaway touches on the band's earlier sound – especially with the very melodic layered chorus.
Melt My Ice and This Is My Life are both a moody mid-tempo rockers that work well providing another tempo to the album.
Closing the album is You Never Cried, a dark and moody mid-tempo rock track that could have been a ballad on any other album, but in keeping with the theme of this record, is played out as a rocker.
The Bottom Line
So in a nutshell, it's more of the same high standard melodic friendly music from the always consistent band – just heavier! The songwriting quality is at its usual peak and the album will possibly find additional new fans that prefer life on the heavier side.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
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· Two Faced
· Heroes
· Right Attitude
· Against The World
· Almost Unreleased
· The Seventh Sign

Line Up
· Stephan Kämmerer: Vocals
· Robby Boebel: Guitar
· Rami Ali: Drums
· Thomas Bauer: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Frontline
· Evidence One
Track Listing
· You Can't Tame Me*
· This Lie*
· Like You Do*
· Getaway
· Take Me Higher
· Part Of My Life
· Where's The Love*
· Melt My Ice
· This Is My Life
· You Never Cried
--*Best Tracks

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