From The Inside
From The Inside
Frontiers Records
FRCD 199
Produced By: Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi

Running Time: 48.09

Release Date: August 30

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 98%
From The Inside is another project release that features a prominent melodic rock voice, coupled with a selection of familiar-ish tunes, plied together by the deft musical hand of one Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi.
Previous projects have seen the featuring of Kelly Hansen, Mickey Thomas and Joseph Williams.
The voice in question here is none other than superstar Danny Vaughn. Danny is most loved for his role in Tyketto and has been winding his way back to classic melodic rock via Vaughn, but this project is definitely the closest he has come to the much loved commercial melodic rock sound of Tyketto.
As expected this is a classy collection of tunes, which is a little different than the Mickey Thomas project Over The Edge, as it also includes a few new tracks by Vaughn.
Fabrizio is a great musician and arranger and brings out the best in the artists he works with. But there is no substitute for original material and that is why this album's best moments are the new tunes.
Some of the covers are great, but a couple don't work as well as they have on past projects.
Track By Track:
The uptempo feel good melodic rocker Nothing At All is almost classic Tyketto and would certainly fit either of the Vaughn releases. The self-penned track is classic Danny Vaughn, with the vocalist in top form, complete with soaring chorus and memorable vocal hooks.
Suddenly is a rocking version of the pop anthem Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson wrote for Leanne Rimes. It's one of the best songs of the album. A song born for the full rocking AOR treatment - this is a great little anthem. Fight For Love is more in the Vaughn vein a moody, musically layered mid-tempo rock track with that brooding quality Danny sings so perfectly.
Losing Game is one of two tracks written by the popular Swede Martin Stenmarck. This track is a dark and dramatic, slow to mid-tempo rock track, which follows in perfectly from the previous track. Very well interpreted by Danny who makes it his own.
Damn is another track that fits the Vaughn mold and features a very soulful performance and some well placed harmony vocals. A slower track that is cool, but maybe doesn't quite fit the quality level of some other tracks.
Stop is the second Stenmarck track included (originally from his album One). This is a uptempo, feel good pop rocker, which comes at a good time in the album, breaking up the mood a little. Once again Danny makes it his own.
Relentless is another mid-tempo rocker in the same vibe as the rest of the album, but it doesn't stand out as a truly memorable track. The original track can be found on LRB's Playing To Win album.
Blessing In Disguise does, however, really does the trick. This is when Danny Vaughn is at his very best belting out his own tracks. I'd love to hear more story-telling tracks like this, especially ones with such great hooks. A wonderful track that takes me back to the Strength In Numbers album.
Is Anybody Watching Me is more pure brilliance. Looks like the second half of the album is blowing away the first! Quite possibly one of Danny's best ever tracks there is more soul and passion on this track than one can take in on just one listen. Another sign that Danny's new material could be some of his best songwriting yet. More please.
Always is an uptempo rock ballad of sorts it's another great soulful pop rock track that highlights Danny at his very best.
Danny's interpretation Amanda Marshall's pop ballad Beautiful Goodbye is haunting. The song was written by David Tyson and Christopher Ward Tyson being a popular name in melodic songwriting circles. This is one of the best tracks included almost as if it was made for Danny to sing. The sparse arrangement allows his voice to shine and carry the listener away. More classic music and definite proof that the second half of the album is utterly essential.
The CD adds the bonus Nothing At All video and a Danny Vaughn Video Interview, both of which you will have to judge for yourself, as these things aren't included on promos.
The Bottom Line
This is a gem of a record and one that all Danny Vaughn fans will want and will appreciate. I can't imagine any negative reviews in response to this set of songs. I can only anticipate fans will want to hear more new original material from the classy songwriter and masterful performer. This is a wonderfully passionate and soulful performance, which others would do well to emulate. Essential for fans of passionate, traditional melodic rock.
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Vaughn - Soliders & Sailors By Riverside
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From The Inside

Line Up
Danny Vaughn: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars
JM Scattolin: Guitar
Joachin Cannaiuolo, Masayoshi Yamsuka: Drums
Fabrizio: Bass, Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Danny Vaughn, Tyketto & Vaughn
Perfect World, Over The Edge
Track Listing
Nothing At All*
Fight For Love
Losing Game
Blessing In Disguise*
Is Anybody Watching Me?*
Beautiful Goodbye*
--*Best Tracks

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