Forty Deuce Nothing To Lose Frontiers Records
Produced By: Richie Kotzen, Taka & Ari

Running Time: 40.15

Release Date: August 29


Musical Style: Modern Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 84%
Sound: 86%
Forty Deuce is a new LA band with Richie Kotzen front and center. The four piece band features Kotzen on vocals and guitar alongside three very 'punk' looking dudes. The band have been making waves in the LA music scene with their catchy brand of modern rock.
Kotzen has always been a diverse individual and this it seems, is his best hope of reaching a youth audience, as these guys have a very contemporary look and sound.
While this album is primarily modern rock with a uptempo, angst filled, guitar driven delivery the overall style really won't be too foreign for established Kotzen fans.
That distinct voice of Kozten's is in fine form here - stretched a little on the more aggressive numbers, but sounding as raspy as ever.
This isn't going to be for all those that liked Kotzen's last couple of solo albums but it will appeal to those that have followed him throughout his career. Forty Deuce is a world away from Mr. Big and Poison, but it still has a strong melodic currant best showcased on Oh My God, Start It Up and Next To Me.
Complicated is another great track, but this one sees the sound tuned right down into the very dark modern depths some melodic rock fans tend to avoid.
There are no ballads here, however the last three tracks of the album Standing In The Rain, Wanted and Nothing To Lose all mellow somewhat and have a slightly different approach than the rest of the album's sonic onslaught. Perhaps these three tracks came from Richie's unreleased music catalogue?
Finally, I have to pose the question what use is a 19 second intro-track? This should have been tacked onto the start of the first track, or better still, deleted altogether.
The Bottom Line
A very good album if the music suits. Kotzen fans should have no problem adapting to this and fans of high energy modern rock should also enjoy. Traditional melodic rock fans and those that are just casual Kotzen fans preferring his more melodic output should sample before purchase. But for the style it is the quality is certainly there.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Nothing To Lose

Line Up:
Richie Kotzen: Vocals, Guitars
Taka: Guitar
Thr3e: Drums
Ari: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Richie Kotzen
Modern Rock
Track Listing
Oh My God (I Fucked Up Again)*
I Still
Start It Up*
Stand Up
Next To Me*
Standing In The Rain
Nothing To Lose
--*Best Tracks

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