Fluid Sol Fluid Sol Artenzia Records
Produced By: Mitch Malloy

Running Time: 44.11

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Modern Rock

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Songs: 84%
Sound: 75%
Fluid Sol is the new Mitch Malloy project. I say project, as I am not sure if there will be a repeat performance. Perhaps this is just a one-off, but time will tell if that is the case.
In any regards, Mitch has always been one to vary his style and is yet to make the same album twice.
This is no different. While Mitch started off his career as a classic style melodic rock artist, he has since tried his hand at commercial pop, country and a more modern flavored melodic pop rock as on his last album Shine.
Fluid Sol is not released under Mitch's name, as it is the most marked departure from what fans might expect from him. The band consists of Victor Broden on bass and Joakim Eckberg on drums while Mitch handles all guitars and vocals, not to mention writing all the material and producing the album.
This album is a mix of styles - short, sharp modern pop and a few tougher rockers and a couple of tracks that are 100% modern rock.
To be blunt, some fans are really going to dig this and some others especially those that have a sworn allegiance to the debut, will hate it.
I think this is a solid album, but falls short of making the point it set out to achieve.
Yes, it's different and very much set in a modern rock frame, but it's not the style that is a let down, but rather a lack of quality hooks and an over-varied approach within the album's 12 tracks.
Jumping from the dark and aggressive opening track Just Human to the pure FM pop of I'm On Your Radio, to the more familiar strains of No Fear and back again while keeping the flow of the album going is no mean feat.
The sound is also a little varied - certainly a lot rougher than his very polished debut, and just shy of matching it with his more recent releases.
I really admire Mitch's abilities and his songwriting prowess, and during the best parts, this style really works for him. But when the material gets too heavy and modern such as it does in the latter half of the album, it doesn't match.
Track By Track:
Just Human is an aggressive, hard rocking guitar driven track with a modern edge and a snarling vocal. One of the heavier tracks of Mitch's career. Pretty cool.
I'm On Your Radio is pure pop fluff and might just be a little too fluffy for some fans. The vocal especially is very light. But lyrically the song earns big points and the chorus is certainly catchy in an early Cheap Trick kinda way.
No Fear has a modern melodic rock exterior, but at its heart is a solid, uptempo melodic rock track that could easily have fit on Mitch's last album Shine. A great chorus hook and big vocal will please fans.
Shelter starts acoustically, but gets heavier and darker as it goes. This is one of those more modern tracks that fans of Mitch's earlier work will want to avoid. But as far as the song goes, it's still a good example of modern rock.
King Of Nothing is another uptempo modern rocker with a distinct nu-breed vibe and misses a knockout blow come chorus time.
Be With You is another slight change in style. This is a dark, moody rock track with a memorable, but restrained chorus that could almost be transformed into a ballad.
Down is a true ballad and follows on from the vibe of the last track perfectly. This track features an amazing vocal. The track itself again has a modern feel, but the emotional and powerful vocal is something else.
Empty picks the tempo back up again and follows the feel good vibe set by No Fear and King Of Nothing. This is another personal favourite, as it does come close to what Micth has done in his past, albeit in a heavier style.
Can't Stop is an example of where I think the album goes wrong. The last few tracks flowed beautifully and the tempo was heading in the right direction before this slow, moody modern rocker cam along. Style aside, the lack of a chorus and any major hook makes it a track most will skip over.
The aggressive I Want You is another dark and heavy track which again could use a more discernable chorus and will definitely send old fans running for cover.
There Was A Mountain sees the dark veil of the last couple of tracks lifted somewhat. But the mid-tempo modern rocker still doesn't break through into one's consciousness enough.
Fly sees Mitch return to form. This is a mid-tempo rock ballad with a nice soaring vocal during the chorus, and is a fine way to close the album.
The Bottom Line
The last 4 tracks really let the album as a whole down. The varied approach will also not suit some and I believe that for most, this will be a love it or hate it affair. I can see the good points and the bad and definitely enjoyed the performance by Mitch and band early in the album. Elsewhere, a few extra catchy choruses are badly needed. Not bad and another chapter of Mitch's varied career, but not a classic either.
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Line Up
Mitch Malloy: Vocals, Guitar
Joakim Eckberg: Drums
Victor Broden: Bass

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Track Listing
Just Human
I'm On Your Radio
No Fear*
King Of Nothing*
Be With You
Can't Stop
I Want You
There Was A Mountain
--*Best Tracks

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