Track Listing
Restless Heart (2)
Two Strangers
The Power (1)
Golden Years
Show Your Love
Forever's Heart
Hello + Goodbye
Once Touched
Soul Surrender
Last To Know (3)

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Z Records
Produced By: Final Frontier
Running Time: 48.20 Release Date: November 1
Released: EU Genre: AOR
LabelLink: Z Records

Final Frontier is a partnership project between Von Groove's Mladen and singer/songwriter Rob Moratti.
This is a great album - very enjoyable - but something needs to be made clear. This is a classic AOR sounding album.
How classic? Well, it not just an 80's keyboard/guitar/melodic friendly release, it sounds like it could have been released in 1983.
Not that the production is dated - it's solid and Mladedn's fat guitar sound holds the album together. It's just that this is an old school AOR release - which is bound to please some, but not others.
Moratti has a touch of Dennis DeYoung, as does the music - they vocal layers does remind me of early 80's Styx in a few places. But generally, he is just a good singer with a higher octave voice, perfect for the material at hand.
If Nelson had of released their debut in 1985 - it might have sounded a bit like this.
As for the songs - generally good stuff on offer here. Plenty of hooks, and catchy melodies.
If you thought the lead song Restless Heart was as catchy as hell, just check out The Power - certainly one of the best AOR hooks of the year and a monster hook! Add Last To Know to that also - big classic bombasic 80's AOR.
Show Your Love is also very good, as is the big uptempo track of the album - Once Touched.
Tracks like Golden Years might just be a little too 80's, but for the most part, every track has it's merits, with layers of vocals and an easy going pop rock feel.
As is the sound, the lyrics are also very classic 80's. I think just about every track is boy meets girl, broken hearts, be good to each other kinda stuff. That's ok, but it's not for everyone.
Good running time and track running order, but one of the worst CD covers in living memory. Don't be put off by it, the contents are far superior.

The Bottom Line
A very good, solid, classic AOR release.
If nu-breed is your thing - this will certainly be far too sweet. If Melodica, early 80's (ballad) Journey, 91 Suite and Eva do it for you, then this needs checking out.
If you like uptempo rock ballads with high pitch vocals and sweet harmonies and that big keyboard driven classic 80's sound, then this is a worthy purchase without doubt.

Line Up
ROB MORATTI - Singing Lead Vocals and All Background Vocals.
MLADEN HAZE - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar and Keyboards

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