Final Frontier Freelight Escape Music
Produced By: Final Frontier

Running Time: 56.14

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 90%
Canadian saviours of pure, unadulterated 80s AOR, Final Frontier return for album number 4. It's the band's third label for their 4 albums, something I find a little perplexing. Granted the label involved for the first 2 albums was Z Records, but a band that delivers a high quality classic style AOR album at regular intervals, all of which are appreciated by fans, should not have to worry about what label they will be on from release to release.
I hope that the guys find some comfort and satisfaction with current label Escape Music.
In a sense this is a perfect album for Escape, a label built from a consistency on concentrating on AOR releases of a classic 80s nature.
Final Frontier does not reinvent the wheel. They don't reinvent anything in fact. This is AOR by the numbers no surprises here, but no disappointments either.
Fans of the band's first 3 albums get more of the same here.
Freelight is perhaps a little tougher than the first three it features a more pronounced rhythm section and some impressive riffing from guitarists Mladen (Von Groove) and Lawrence Falconer. Mladen also provides bass and keyboards the latter of which is, as usual, all over the record.
Rob Moratti as usual delivers his flawless high pitch vocals, really going over the top in a few places! He has one seriously high voice at times.
The album really gets off to a flying start, with the first 4 tracks flying along at good pace.
The title track Freelight and the moodier Foolish Pride work best of these tracks for me, but it is the classic AOR ballad of I Hope You Don't Mind that really delivers.
Bringing back memories of mid-80s soundtrack hits, the sentimental ballad should be a fan favorite.
Someone's Watching You is very close to the 80s sound of Survivor, as is the poppy feel-good All The Way.
Nothing Is Easy is another very familiar sounding ballad, but the formula is fail-safe.
I also rate the darker and more aggressive The Witches Mask and the second bonus track the emotional, stripped back ballad Delia.
The Bottom Line
I don't think this is a classic AOR album for the ages, but I do think it is a classy album for this age. It is a walk down memory lane and a look at what made us fans of this music in the first place in the 80s.
If you haven't warmed to Rob Moratti's voice and the Final Frontier style through listening to their first three albums, then nothing Freelight offers will convince you to change your mind. But, if you have found a spot in your heart for these guys, the Freelight will definitely impress.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
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Line Up:
Rob Moratti: Vocals
Mladen: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Lawrence Falcomer: Lead Guitars
Kevin Howley: Drums

Essential For Fans Of:
Final Frontier
80s AOR
Track Listing
Freelight *
Foolish Pride *
Only The Lonely
I Hope You Don't Mind *
Someone's Watching You *
All The Way
Nothing Is Easy
Lion's Den
The Witches Mask
Half Way Home
Delia *

--*Best Tracks

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