Fate V MTM Music
· Produced By: Tommy Hansen

· Running Time: 54.55

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 90%
Danish rockers Fate have varied their line-up over the years and their comeback album V features vocalist Per Johansson who was on board for the band's previous release Scratch N Sniff (recently re-issued by MTM).
The band has again hooked up with old producer Tommy Hansen, who has gone on to considerable production fame. He ensures this album sounds a million bucks. The sound is big, the guitar sound is right in your face and the mix is near perfect.
The record has all the ingredients of a classic Fate record and an overall world-class production quality. However, to create a classic you need 2 more ingredients - great songs and a great lead vocal.
This is where things get a little more complicated and where this album might cause some debate among fans.
Firstly – the songs. I can't complain about this too much. I like what I hear and in keeping with the big production sound, the songs match in rock attitude. There are some big riffs on offer and some strong melodies and choruses.
The opening rocker Butterfly is about as big as they come and the more restrained Everything About You is catchy from the outset.
Burned Child delivers another strong melody in two parts and I'll Get By is classic Fate in its melodic approach.
The slower rock ballad Life offers another side of the band and delivers another huge vocal in the chorus, while Memories Won't Die is a strong uptempo rocker.
What I have avoided mentioning thus far is the album's main negative and no doubt, its biggest talking point. The vocals of Per Johansson are something fans are either going to accept or reject. His voice has certainly changed since his last appearance with the band. One could suggest that the years have not been kind to Per, but whatever the circumstance, his voice here is a lot rawer and raspier.
He screams his way through a good portion of the album and that's going to turn some people off. What shouldn't be an issue now requires a warning – you will have accept and appreciate these harsh/raspy vocals in order to appreciate this album to its fullest.
The Bottom Line
I'm not so worried about the vocals as I wouldn't class myself as a die-hard fan of the band or Per's past appearance on the Scratch N Sniff record. So for that reason I like what's on offer here. The strength of the songs and some good choruses and backing vocals help the overall enjoyment of the album, but coming back to those gruff vocals – they are definitely going to be a love 'em or hate 'em issue.
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Line Up:
· Per Johansson: Vocals
· Søren Hoff: Guitars
· Micke Kvist: Drums
· Peter Steincke: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Fate
Track Listing
· Butterfly *
· Heaven's Crying Too
· Everything About You *
· Ecstacy
· Nobody Loves You The Way I Do
· Burned Child *
· I'll Get By *
· Life
· Fate
· Memories Won't Die
· Toxic

--*Best Tracks

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