Fatal Force Fatal Force MTM Music
Produced By: Torben Enevoldsen

Running Time: 48.13

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 90%
Within the Fate review I stated that the band had the songs, but perhaps not the vocals. Fatal Force is the other way around.
They sure as hell have the vocals delivered with fire from the impeccably fabulous Mats Levin but they perhaps do not quite have the song quality required to make this an essential purchase.
The brainchild of prog-metal / instrumental guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Section A), Fatal Force was born out of the need to find a home for some more traditionally melodic hard rock songs.
Torben performs all guitar, bass and keyboard duties and adds a fine support cast for his vision. Mats Levin (Dogface/Treat/At Vance/Yngwie) is perfect on vocals while man-of-the-hour Daniel Flores joins in on drums.
Torben produces and supplies all music, while Levin supplies the lyrics.
It might have been a good idea to include Levin a little further, as this album has just about everything a European melodic hard rock album should have but the songs could have been stronger had they had the input of someone more used to working with commercial structure. Torben's penchant for instrumental works seems to work against him here.
Opening rocker Caveman does have a strong chorus, but the flow of the song doesn't make it an easy journey to get there. The same could be said of Domino.
Far Away and No Question both feature similar tempos and style's dark, contemporary rockers with slow pacing and restrained choruses.
The mid-album songs Out Of Fuel through Everyone all rock with a similar pace a ton of sweet guitar riffs and some authorative lead vocals, but all of these tracks suffer from the lack of memorable hooks. It's not until Insanity that a truly memorable chorus kicks in.
The album closes with one of the better tracks on the album the aggressive and powerful Eye To Eye, which features a great vocal from Levin.
Tommy Hansen is again called upon to produce and mix and as per usual delivers a product with a solid, even sound and big sonic impact.
The Bottom Line
This is a good album with a great sound and some very good individual performances. The songs don't quite match the rest of the band's efforts, as they lack that little something that makes them stand out from the bunch. Mats Levin fans won't be disappointed with his vocals and there remains a very big potential for the band to gel as a unit and come back better and stronger.
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Fatal Force

Line Up:
Mats Levin: Vocals
Torben Enevoldsen: Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Daniel Flores: Drums

Essential For Fans Of:
Mats Levin
Torben Enevoldsen
Track Listing
Caveman *
Far Away *
No Question
Out Of Fuel
Let Me Know
Insanity *
The Only One
Eye To Eye *

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