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· Produced By: Europe

· Running Time: 46.59

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 96%
In my reviews for the two Europe albums released since the band reunited, I have really found a few sensational songs on each record that I would rate amongst my favourite from the band, but also some true filler.
Both albums rated ok due to those songs and the fact that I found the band's move into a contemporary sound quite credible, vs. some other acts that have tried and failed.
Some fans have not liked the new direction and I can definitely appreciate that – those probably won't like this album any more than the last two.
The band keeps it close to the formula of the last two albums here, maintaining that contemporary down-tuned style and some ultra heavy riffs compared to what they used to deliver.
But at the same time, they change this up just enough to make it stand on its own. Last Look At Eden features a more 70s driven retro sound, heavy on orchestration and big rootsy, blues grooves.
While I still prefer several of the standout tracks on the last two albums; I do think this album is the best of the three and certainly the most consistent.
I think the fillers here are minimal and the highlights plentiful.
The only thing I would ask for is more emphasis on some big melodies and a few more instant hooks. There are a couple of instances where the song stops for a more melodic interlude (Gonna Get Ready the most obvious), where the melody itself seems almost at odds with the rest of the song and the slide in and out of the interlude doesn't seem natural. More attention here would make a perfect Europe album closer to reality.
As far as this album goes – intense is the best description. It's so heavy in places and the guitar riffs rule this record. Simply a monster guitar sound! The Beast being a prime example of just how powerful!
The title track Last Look At Eden is probably my favourite track here – a melodic chorus used to great effect.
Gonna Get Ready rocks hard; Catch That Plane, Only Young Twice and Mojito Girl are all pure heavy groove; and the ballad New Love In Town is a really cool example of a contemporary rock ballad.
I love the orchestration and intensity of No Stone Unturned (should be a single) and In My Time is a 70s Zep style ballad.
U Devil U and Run With The Angels are perhaps the weakest point of the album for me.
The Bottom Line
A couple of fillers and a couple of tracks you wish had a slightly bigger chorus, but generally speaking, this is a very consistent and big sounding record. The best overall set of songs from the last three albums, although the naysayer's will likely stay unconvinced. Big big groove and big big attitude…and seriously heavy!
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· Last Look At Eden

Line Up:
· Joey Tempest: Vocals
· John Norum: Guitar
· Ian Haugland: Drums
· John Leven: Bass
· Mic Michaeli: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Europe
· Modern Heavy Rock
Track Listing
· Prelude
· Last Look At Eden *
· Gonna Get Ready *
· Catch That Plane *
· New Love In Town *
· The Beast
· Mojito Girl
· No Stone Unturned *
· Only Young Twice
· U Devil U
· Run With The Angels
· In My Time

--*Best Tracks

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