Edge Of Forever
Let The Demon Rock N Roll
MTM Music
Produced By: Bobby Barth

Running Time: 46.41

Release Date: May 17

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 90%
Edge Of Forever are a European hard rock band with the very big privilege of being fronted by the fabulous modern day voice of Axe Bob Harris. I said of their debut that it did not cover any new ground, but featured some strong songs and strong performances. The new album takes things a step further, with some individual sounds introduced and stronger song and performance aspects.
The new album features none other than Axe guitarist/founder Bobby Barth on production duties so expectations were very high.
This is a prime example that albums should never be rated or reviewed after only a couple of listens.
I will admit to being initially disappointed with this album, but boy, has that turned around. I love this album it was Bob's voice that kept drawing me back, but having lived with the album for sometime now, all aspects impress. The performances by all are even better then the strong debut it's that and the quality of the songs that make this album the winner it is.
The overall package is very solid production by Barth is great and everyone gives a memorable performance and gives everyone waiting for a new Axe album something to dig their teeth into. Special mention goes to keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio who is all over the record and guitarist Matteo Carnio who adds the necessary muscle to the songs.
It would be amiss of me not to credit Bob Harris for an amazing vocal performance filled with power and emotion. I would seriously rate his efforts here as possibly the best vocals I have heard from him yet even better than his Axe recordings.
Naturally the addition of Bobby Barth at the helm brings about comparisons to Axe and I would heartily recommend this album to all fans of Axe, fans of European hard rock and even some Yngwie fans. There remains plenty of neo-classical influences on this record although I think it's a more straight ahead hard rock album than the debut.
After initially only identifying a couple of killers, I can now safely say every track on this album is classy.
The Machine is a straight forward rock with a strong chorus, as is the closing track Edge Of Forever. Crime Of Passion rocks with a furious pace and contains some neo-classical keyboard moments that will impress all - in fact, I would have opened with this track. As it is, the album does not hit full pace until this track - number 3. Let The Demon Rock 'N' Roll is seriously dark and heavy and is a real grower.
The powerful One Last Surrender contains an amazing vocal and a fantastic keyboard drenched chorus. A Deep Emotion is a ballad with another amazing vocal and reminds me of Terry Brock at his AOR best and My Breath Away is a rock song with a commercial anthemic chorus and yes, another outstanding vocal.
The Bottom Line
An album that will not disappoint any fans of the debut. It will also appeal to fans of Axe and Bob Harris in particular. I think there is an opening in the market for an album like this which is European in style, but has that commercial American touch that artists like Yngwie and Jaded Heart are able to capture.
The long awaited pairing of the two Bob's Harris and Barth does not disappoint, even though the album needs a little time to reveal itself. But once it does, it just keeps getting better and better.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Feeding The Fire
Let The Demon Rock N Roll

Line Up
Bob Harris: Vocals
Matteo Carnio: Guitars
Francesco Jovino: Drums
Christian Grillo: Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Jaded Heart
Track Listing
The Machine
Shades Of November
One Last Surrender*
Crime Of Passion*
Let The Demon Rock N Roll*
A Deep Emotion*
Feel like Burning
Mouth Of Madness
My Breath Away*
Edge Of Forever
--*Best Tracks

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