Dreamtide Dream and Deliver AOR Heaven
· Produced By: Dreamtide

· Running Time: 70.00

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: AOR Heaven
Songs: 86%
Sound: 80%
Some 5 years since their last album (where does the time go), German melodic rockers Dreamtide return for another side dish of Fair Warning mixed with the pomp AOR of Magnum.
The guys have employed a really hollow guitar sound on this album – evn more so than their first two records, obviously intentional and part of the band's "charm" I guess, but the overall production style and quality is not going to appeal to all.
There's a lot going on within any Dreamtide album and as usual this took several listens to appreciate.
The guys have taken a slightly different musical path here. This is a more diverse record than the two previous Dreamtide releases, this time incorporating a more pop feel on a few tracks. The opening melodic hard rock/pomp salvo of A Fool's Crusade and I Don't Wanna Wait are as fine as you will hear from the guys.
The mid-tempo melodic pop ballad Same Star and the soulful, smooth and quite impressive ballad Dancing When The Night Falls showcase the other side of the band, while the big bombastic rhythm of Your Beat and King Of Scum wrap around them.
The mid-section of the album turns mellower before To Everybody returns the albums sound to a bombastic heavy beat.
The Bottom Line
At 70 minutes and 14 tracks, there is probably a couple too may tracks here, but after a 5 year wait, at leas it offers value for fans. I'm still a big fan of singer Olaf Senkbeil and his unique sound and it's great to hear him in fine voice here.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Here Comes The Flood
· Dreams For The Daring
· Dream And Deliver

Line Up:
· Olaf Senkbeil: Vocals
· Helge Engelke: Guitars
· CC Behrens: Drums
· Francis Buchholz: Bass
· Torsten Lüderwaldt: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Dreamtide
· Fair Warning
Track Listing
· A Fools Crusade *
· I Don't Want To Wait *
· Same Star *
· Your Beat
· Dancing When The Night Falls *
· King Of Scum
· Download A Dream
· Tell Me How It Feels
· Stronger
· To Everybody *
· Keep From Falling
· The Vow
· Help Me
· Download A Dream Reprise

--*Best Tracks

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