Dio Master Of The Moon Frontiers Records
Produced By: Not Listed

Running Time: 46.21

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 65%
Sound: 80%
Dio's new album fell off my priority list for titles due to be reviewed, which in itself probably isn't a good sign. By now most folks have cast their verdict, so I'll include this abbreviated review as my opinion for the record.
I think my thoughts pretty much fall in line with the majority in expressing some disappointment in the album as a whole. Mind you, if it continued on as it opened, with One More For The Road, I'd be in heaven I love Dio when he signs it straight and hard.
But following that, the album falls into my most hated pattern the old slow to mid-tempo plod. It's not until track 7, Living The Lie, that things get pumping again and even here, the chorus is a little weak.
So aside from 2 tracks, the rest falls into the same tempo, more or less the same groove and the same guitar riff throughout.
The Bottom Line
Not really Ronnie Dio at his best. I have heard plenty worse, but as far as legends go, we expect a lot more especially after the last couple of albums have been fan favourites.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Killing The Dragon
Master Of The Moon

Line Up
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Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
One More For The Road*
Master Of The Moon
The End Of The World
The Man Who Would Be King
The Eyes
Living The Lie*
I Am
Dream By Love
In Dreams
--*Best Tracks

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