Track Listing
Listen To What I Say (1)
Corporate Wheel
Sacrifice (2)
Time (3)
Down On My Knees
Every Man
Giving Me A Reason
Comin My Way
Fallin From The Sky
Hallowed Ground
Look In Your Eyes

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Discography & (Rank)
Departure (3)
Open Your Mind (2)
Corporate Wheel (1)

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Corporate Wheel
Escape Music ESM 082
Produced By: Mike Walsh
Running Time: 47.24 Release Date: Jan. 13
Released: EU Genre: AOR
LabelLink: Escape

Departure's first album was ok, but their second saw the band really hit their straps. It was a nice 80's sounding album of pop & pomp/prog in the vein of Kansas, Styx and Yes.
Bu things chance and singer Dave Baldwin has been replaced with newcomer Timothy Lewis. Timothy has a voice that remains in Baldwin's upper octave range, but is far smoother, placing him in the unmistakable Steve Perry comparison category.
And it seems the band have altered their sound to work with new singer Lewis. This is a far more commercial and pure style AOR release then it's more pomp filled predecessor. Corporate Wheel is 80's AOR, with a strong keyboard presence and lots of layered synth and guitar melodies. And for fans of the first two album's, there's still some of that over the top pompishness there.
The albums runs though several emotions from the required bombastic opening number Listen To What I Say, to the moody and multi-layered Sacrifice to the big lighter-in-the-air power ballad Time.
This album is like listening to Journey with Steve Augeri up front, or one of Kevin Chalfant's releases. You know it sounds like Perry, but you know it's not him.
Either way, fans of 80's keyboard/guitar AOR and big pompous production values will get a bit lift from this album.
The band have written their best set of songs to date and this is easily their best production value of the 3 records.
Guitar fans still have plenty to chew on, but vocals and keyboards rule this record.

The Bottom Line
The guys really have nailed that 80's sound and the Journey comparisons, so I think personal enjoyment of the record will be somewhat dependant on you having a pre-disposition for this sound.
Having said that, I'm a sucker for the 80's and the album is written and it's done far too well not to be liked and rated highly.
There are a lot of folks that visit this site for a variety of musical reasons. If it's pure AOR you are looking for, Departure have what you want.

Line Up
Timothy Lewis: Vocals
Mike Walsh: Guitar & Keyboards
John O'Connell: Keyboards
Duey Ribestello: Drums
Mike Beres: Bass

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