Delp & Goudreau Delp & Goudreau Indie
Produced By: Barry Goudreau

Running Time: 40.34

Release Date: Out Now

Released: Online

Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 80%
Anything Boston or related is always going to attract a lot of attention from the diverse fans base of the band and the guys that have played a role in it's line-up over the years.
Barry Goudreau of course, is the band's original guitarist who went on to form RTZ and has spent the last few years in relative quiet.
Brad Delp is the much loved original voice of Boston, who has made regular appearances with the band, but has been denied the opportunity of being the band's sole vocalist.
So what better than for Delp & Goudreau to team up and record their own album?
The announcement of this record caught the fans by surprise, but anticipation was quick to build.
The resulting album is one that will keep many happy, but just like recent Boston output, will fail to keep everyone happy and could be considered not the album some had hoped for.
What I am referring to is the desire of fans to have a rocking album that matches the glory of the first two Boston albums, recorded by two of the main players in those albums.
But time has moved on and all these years later, the guys have matured and aged and the result here, is a far more laid back release than might have been hoped for.
We all continue to expect the glory days from all our favourite artists, but it doesn't always eventuate.
Delp & Goudreau is still very well recorded and performed. There isn't anything wrong with it at all it will however, be down to personal taste and what you expected from the release as to how you rate it.
Opening track What You Leave Behind is one of the album's best tracks a glorious acoustic driven mid-tempo pop rock track.
Let It Roll is pure 70's pop, while Out Of My Hands is the closest track to Boston/RTZ on the album it's rockier and moodier and wins hands down for best track of the album.
The Rhythm Won't Stop features some tasty electric guitar and Reconciliation also harks back to a 70's pomp sound. Elsewhere the sound is largely acoustic driven soft pop.
The Bottom Line
This album is going to find a lot of fans, but will also disappoint some others. Not being a Boston die-hard I can see from an objective point of view that the album contains some solid songs and is a cohesive piece of work, but is also a little laid back for some and could have used a couple more rocking tracks to balance it out.
A welcomed collaboration that I hope is continued, but next time around; let's hope the guys really beat Boston at their own game.
Delp & Goudreau

Line Up
Brad Delp: Vocals
Barry Goudreau: Guitar, Bass
David Stefanelli: Drums
Jack O-Soro: Congas

Essential for fans of:
Boston - Boston
RTZ - Return To Zero
Track Listing
What You Leave Behind*
Hands Of Time
Let It Roll*
Out Of My Hands*
Keep On Runnin'
I Need Your Love
The Rhythm Won't Stop
My One True Love
--*Best Tracks

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