Deep Purple Bananas EMI
Produced By: Deep Purple

Running Time: 51.42

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Classic Hard Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 85%
Deep Purple is back but does anyone care anymore? Well, yes and no. It depends on your outlook. The band's releases still generate good publicity and their fair share of debate, while it's clear the glory days are gone, this new album proves there is still a little life left in the beast.
The oddly titled Bananas is the band's third studio album with guitarist Steve Morse. The band's debut with him Perpendicular remains one of my favourite ever Purple albums and is highly regarded by just about everyone.
But the follow up Abandon really didn't move me and the gloss was removed from this incarnation of Purple, for which I was previously so impressed with.
Bananas is a far better and more enjoyable record, but maybe not quite good enough to return the band to the lofty status I had previously awarded them and I fear that might be the same feeling elsewhere.
Gillian sounds in fine form, as does the rest of the band with new organ/keys man Don Airey in place and the production is worthy.
So the only spot for any let down are the songs. The good thing is that there is nothing bad on the album, just a few tracks that don't inspire as they should and could be labeled predictable.
Highlights for me include the mid-tempo ballad Haunted, with female backing vocals accompanying the band; the darker and bluesier rock track Sun Goes Down; the organ drenched hard blues of Silver Tongue; the laid back 70's rock of Walk On; the Perpendicular styled Picture Of Innocence and the utterly wonderful (mostly instrumental) Never A Word.
Elsewhere on the album House Of Pain is a fairly predictable opening track; Razzel Dazzle is a bit lame; I've Got Your Number misses a memorable hook and Doing It Tonight doesn't really go anywhere and the last track 90 seconds worth - isn't really needed.
The Bottom Line
A solid album and an overall good effort from a band with a long rich history. So, there's nothing on here that's going to blow away the band's classic albums or songs, but it's an enjoyable ride nevertheless and provides some entertaining moments.
Not classic and still not close to Perpendicular, but not bad at the same time.
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Line Up
Ian Gillan: Vocals
Steve Morse: Guitar
Ian Paice: Drums
Roger Glover: Bass
Don Airey: Organ

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Deep Purple
Steve Morse
Track Listing
House Of Pain
Sun Goes Down*
Razzle Dazzle
Silver Tongue*
Walk On
Picture Of Innocence*
I've Got Your Number
Never A Word*
Doing It Tonight
Contact Lost
--*Best Tracks

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