David Lee Roth Diamond Dave Magna Carta
Produced By: David Lee Roth and Alex Gibson

Running Time: 46.06

Release Date: July 8

Released: US

Musical Style: Big Band Blues Pop

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Songs: 40%
Sound: 70%
What makes a good album and what makes a bad one? Several aspects of course. As far as bad ones, there are albums that sound horrible, feature crappy songs and bad performances. Then there are albums that feature solid performances and have nothing actually wrong with the songs themselves, but are just dull as hell and feature the artist doing something the large majority of the fan base don't want to hear.
That's the case with David Lee Roth's new album of 11 covers and only 3 originals. Those that love everything Diamond Dave has to offer will undoubtedly find something to like here.
But the main question that goes through my mind is why? Why do this album? Why would David think this was a good idea after gaining such critical and fan acclaim for his last all-original album, that had the master frontman returning to hard rocking form? Only Dave can answer hose questions.
It of course is no secret that Roth loves a wide range of styles and has always been a diverse artist. But he has already done the retro trip. And a quick check of Dave's solo sales history will show that his early rocking albums sold the best, while sales gradually faded as he experimented more.
Now Roth is one of rock n roll's great frontmen - no question. He also has more charisma in his finger than the entire population of boy-bands have combined.
So why resort to this collection of lounge style covers? Why desert rock n roll for this ultra laid back collection of blues and pop/jazz classics? Why not play up on everything that has made him a rock God and really dive into a new album of original material and follow up the good foundations that were laid with the indie released David Lee Roth Band record? And why not take advancetage of that red hot band of his? More unanswered questions.
While there is nothing wrong with the songs themselves - garnered from the likes of Savoy Brown, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Hombres, Steve Miller Band and Billy Fields - in this instance they just fall flat.
Even the originals are mainly experimental and fall flat of expectations. In fact, one of them - Act One - is possibly the worst track of the album.
The Bottom Line
No it's not rock - but it is dull. Boring even. And that is possibly the worst crime that David Lee Roth could be accused of. One track might be a hoot, but sitting through 14 tracks here is just too hard and far too removed from the DLR that I know and love.
Dave may still rock live in concert and is still a great performer, but if this doesn't kill his career as a recording artist I will be surprised. And as I said in my initial comments on this album, it's the prefect reason for Eddie Van Halen not to call Dave for a re-union.
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Diamond Dave

Line Up
David Lee Roth: Vocals
Brian Young, Toshi Hiketa: Guitar
Ray Luzier: Drums
James Lomenzo: Bass

Essential for fans of:
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Track Listing
You Got The Blues, Not Me
Made Up My Mind
Stay While The Night Is Young
Shoo Bop*
She's Looking Good
Soul Kitchen
If 6 Was 9
That Beatles Tune
Medicine Man
Let It All Hang Out
Thug Pop*
Act One
Ice Cream Man
Bad Habits*
--*Best Tracks

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