Danny Danzi DanziLand MTM Music
Produced By: Danny Danzi & Wayne Davis

Running Time: 60.00

Release Date: March 15

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 92%
Danny Danzi's back! But what took him so long? There is no simple answer to that question there were the record label problems, the constant band line-up changes and not to mention the recording, re-recording and the re-re-recording of the album's tracks.
You see, Danny is a perfectionist and he just kept going until he was happy absolutely determined to keep working until his acclaimed debut Somewhere Lost In Time was topped. And without and shadow of a doubt, Danny has topped it and well and truly kicked its butt. DanziLand is better than the debut in every way as any important follow up should be. Better songs, much better production, a better performance and wow, take a look at the artwork!
Danny plays his heart out here, with guitar riffs all over this album. Every possible space has been filled with more layers of guitar and some of the best soloing I have heard in a long time.
Danny's talents as a guitarist must not be underrated. He really does give the big boys of shred a run for their money, but never at the expense of a good song melody.
The production is also impressive. Produced by Danny with Wayne Davis, the album has been assembled perfectly, with a clear and even mix allowing all the layers to breathe.
But by far the biggest improvement over the debut is Danny's vocal performance.
He has really improved his range and the delivery of his voice and the songs benefit from that with more added layers of harmony vocals taking it really over the top.
Both attributes add warmth and soul to the overall album.
Track By Track:
Such an album as this deserves a big build up and the intro Welcome does the job admirably. That leads straight into the fast tempo'd double kick-drum stomper DanziLand. This high octane hard rocker gets the album off to a flyer, but it's Eternity that really will turn heads. This Journey-esque melodic rocker has melodies and riff's going everywhere, a highly memorable and melodic chorus and some sweet harmony vocals throughout.
Just A Matter Of Time is a 6 minute moody rocker, with a soft and subtle intro and verse, before a Van Hagar style chorus kicks in. The track also features lots of guitar fills and a killer solo.
Let It Go appears to be the first ballad of the album and impresses with a heartfelt vocal before the full instrumentation kicks in, turning the song into a bit of an emotional mid-tempo melodic rocker.
Only The Strong Will Survive should be familiar with most Danzi fans it has already been featured on samplers from his previous label Z Records and current label MTM. The song is a solid straight ahead rocker.
Wild & Dangerous features a dose of cool acoustic guitar during the verse, but the chorus is all electric and rocks nicely. Classic hard rock for guitar fans.
Time Passes By is the album's big power ballad, which in accordance with the rest of the album, also rocks! This is a nice sentimental track, with a great lead vocal and some more impressive guitar playing, albeit a little slower in tempo.
Destiny is a more European style hard rocker with a dramatic almost symphonic feel. The track features some more flashy guitar playing and sees more great harmony vocals come chorus time.
Fool is another solid, straight up hard rocker with a slight retro vibe to it.
All Or Nothing is a track more dominated by keyboards and has a classic 80's feel to it. The uptempo melodic rocker has an easy going feel to it and features a feel good chorus. It's one of the album's coolest tracks.
What About Us closes the European version of the album. This is a great tribute to the events of September 11 and is an acoustic driven rock track. It's another side of the Danzi sound and a very cool last track.
The Bottom Line
This is a great all round package and I can't imagine any Danzi fan not being more than impressed. Given that it's been over 4 years since the release of his debut, Danny has to pretty much start all over again and re-establish his name within the scene.
But an album of this quality will help his cause and should see his name a top of many Best Of 2004 lists. The style of the album is something there isn't a lot of right now, so I imagine this will be eaten up and truly appreciated by fans.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Somewhere Lost In Time

Line Up
Danny Danzi: Vocals, Guitars
Andy Slostad: Guitar
Timmay Lloyd: Drums
Wayne Davis: Bass
Phil Buckleman: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Danny Danzi
Johnny Lima, Van Hagar
Track Listing
Welcome (Intro to DanziLand)
Just A Matter Of Time*
Let It Go*
Only The Strong Will Survive
Wild & Dangerous
Time Passes By
All Or Nothing*
What About Us
--*Best Tracks

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