Danger Danger Revolve Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Bruno Ravel

· Running Time: 51.01

· Release Date: September 18

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 96%
Sound: 99%
They're back! Whilst seemingly always never far from our minds, it has been a staggering 9 years since the last all-new Danger Danger studio album - Return Of The Great Gildersleeves. We've had the long lost Cockroach release, Live & Nude and Rare Cuts to keep us occupied, but everyone wanted to see if Danger Danger could still bring the magic with Ted Poley back in charge of the mike.
Was there ever any doubt?
Bruno Ravel has developed into a truly great producer and it is a wonder we don't see him behind the desk on more projects. I hope we will. He brings his magic to the new album, which sonically sounds about as good as you could hope for.
With the knowledge that a new record was always going to sound great, it was just waiting on discovering if the band would favor the sound of the Ted Poley fronted debut and Screw It, or lean towards the darker Paul Laine era, which included two of this genre's best ever albums in Four The Hard Way and Gildersleeves.
Wisely, the band have opted for a mix of both era's, with the fun and the easy going nature of the first two albums combining with the more contemporary production style of the last 2 studio albums, not to mention that compelling, understated darker edge.
It works great for the band. There is nothing unexpected here – which in this case is good, just more classic Danger Danger material.
So the album sounds a million bucks, the guys are all playing their hearts out, but of particular note are the lead vocals of Ted Poley – he has never sounded as good as he does here.
The added production bells and whistles brings the band up to date, but at the heart of the album is classic D2 – albeit perhaps a little more laid back than 20 years ago.

Track By Track:
With an ear blasting thump we are away. What we get is the same powerful production and deafening rhythm section from the last album's with Ted Poley's classic AOR vocals riding over the top. That's What I'm Talking About is a typical feel good anthem with a soaring chorus and tasty guitar solo.
Ghost of Love is a driving rocker with a slightly darker feel and a catchy fast paced chorus and a thumping bass line.
Killin' Love is a great dark and moody rocker. A little slower and more intense, but I love this side of the band and Ted sounds fantastic singing in this moodier range.
Hearts On The Highway is simply a classic Danger Danger hard rocking anthem and one of the best songs for 2009. Love that chorus…love everything about this track. Perfect.
Time for a ballad. The acoustic driven Fugitive is sentimental, melancholy and thoroughly enjoyable. Another great vocal from Ted too.
Keep On Keepin' On steps backwards into old school D2 style. This sounds slightly different in style to most of the other material. I wonder if this song isn't an unused track from the past? In any regard, it's still a solid feel good rocker, which fans of the debut will love, but not a knockout.
Rocket To Your Heart really gets my attention. A moody and somewhat contemporary ballad that turns heavier during an anthemic chorus. I could hear this being part of the last couple of albums too. Very cool song.
Time to relax the seriousness for a moment with a typical mid-tempo D2 tongue in cheek rocker in F.U.$. Great verse, great chorus and a good fun track.
The mid-tempo rock track Beautiful Regret is one song I'm still struggling with a little. It just isn't as instant as some other tracks and one of the least catchy songs of the album.
The rock ballad Never Give Up is much better – full of class, full of emotional and another great lower register vocal from Ted. A perfect chorus.
The best way to end a Danger Danger album is with a classic old school party rocker and Dirty Mind is just that - classic D2 and great hard rocking attitude.
The Bottom Line
The band delivers – it is as simple as that. They were following up two impossibly fantastic albums, but have almost matched those and also managed to capture the essence of what a Ted Poley fronted Danger Danger record is all about. Despite lyrically borrowing from Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Kiss, Bruce Springsteen and themselves (go find them!), the songs have mostly matured in sentiment and still manage grab your attention.
And the production – wow – if only all records sounded this good. The only downside to a new Danger Danger release is the knowledge that Ted Poley will likely be up to Greatestits Volume 4 before we see the next D2 album. Keep the momentum going lads!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Danger Danger
· Screw It
· Dawn
· Four The Hard Way
· Return Of The Great Gildersleeves
· Cockroach
· Rare Cuts
· Live And Nude
· Revolve

Line Up:
· Ted Poley: Vocals
· Rob Marcello: Guitar
· Steve West: Drums, Percussion
· Bruno Ravel: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Piano

Essential For Fans Of:
· Danger Danger
· Ted Poley
· Marcello / Vestry
Track Listing
· That's What I'm Talking About *
· Ghost of Love *
· Killin' Love *
· Hearts On The Highway *
· Fugitive
· Keep On Keepin' On
· Rocket To Your Heart
· F.U.$. *
· Beautiful Regret
· Never Give Up *
· Dirty Mind *

--*Best Tracks

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