Danger Danger Rare Cuts Low Dice Records
Produced By: Danger Danger

Running Time: 51.23

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 78%
Rare Cuts is a long awaited compilation of outtakes and original demos submitted by the band for their self titled debut album or in other words, the demos that got them the deal with Sony Music.
Naturally, that means that Ted Poley is the vocalist featured here.
Considering the age of the tracks and their demo status, they sound surprisingly fresh. It's fun to hear tracks like Bang Bang and Feels Like Love in their original form, not to mention a few rare tracks like the party anthem Loving' A Girl Like You, the uptempo Hold On Maria, and the big moody ballad Temptation (covered by Y&T).
This is one for fans of Ted and other Danger Danger die-hards.
It's all a bit of good fun, but after two archival releases and a Live and Best of collection still to come, I say get back to the studio for a new album with Paul Laine.
The last two Danger Danger albums with Paul have been genre topping gems and the time taken between those albums and whenever the next one will appear is just far too long.
The Bottom Line
When they get around to it, the band is capable of just about anything. The melodic rock scene needs more releases like Four The Hard Way and Gildersleeves, so how about it guys? This is a nice way to pad the gap between, but it's new material we really want!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Danger Danger
Screw It
Four The Hard Way
Return Of The Great Gildersleeves
Rare Cuts

Line Up
Ted Poley: Vocals
Andy Timmons: Guitar
Steve West: Drums
Bruno Ravel: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Ted Poley
Danger Danger - Danger Danger & Screw It
Track Listing
Lovin' A Girl Like You*
Bang Bang*
Feels Like Love*
Little Girl's Hot Tonite
Don't Walk Away
One Step From Paradise
Hold On Maria
Rock America
Don't Blame It On Love
Live It Up
--*Best Tracks

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