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Crown Of Thorns Karma Point Music
Track Listing
Gotta Get Next To You (2)
Til You've Had Enough (1)
Shed No Tears
Before It Slips Away
Let's Start Over Again (3)
I'm Sorry
Alone Again
Keep On Survivin' (4)
Once In My Life
My Sweet Lord

(*) Best Tracks

Album Details
Produced By: Jean Beauvoir
Running Time: 44.00
Release Date: Out Now
Released: EU
Genre: AOR
WebLink: Crown Of Thorns
LabelLink: Point Music

Discography & (Rank)
Crown Of Thorns (1)
Breakthrough (5)
Lost Cathedral (2)
Destiny Unknown (4)
Karma (3)

Discography / Compilations
Killer Thorns
Raw Thorns
21 Thorns

2002 has already been a great year for music and Crown Of Thorns have just added another album to my Best Of list.
There is a gene within Jean Beauvoir's body that compels him to write classic straight forward melodic rock tunes. There is another gene that also tells him that he must experiment with different styles and unfortunately the two don't often match.
The band's debut album and Lost Cathedral contain some of AOR's great melodic gems. The last album also contained a couple more classics. But with it some varied fillers.
On Karma, Jean has once again recorded and album of songs that capture him at his best 10 straight up melodic rockers in the best tradition of the band's debut.
In fact, I rate this album the band's (or Jean's) up there with that great debut and Lost Cathedral.
There is just something about the sound, the familiarity of the songs and that great guitar driven AOR style that I love.
A classic album for Crown Of Thorns fans and as good an introduction to the band as any of their albums.
This is a true AOR record. Not one for fans who want heavy guitars and fist in the air choruses, but rather for those that love a great melody and some strong harmonies.
It's another great album of moody, melancholy melodic pop rock.

Track By Track
Believer opens the album in a more relaxed mode than you would expect a nice breezy AOR pop rocker.
Gotta Get Next To You is my pick for the album's best track. In fact, it should have opened the album it's a much stronger track than Believer. It features a strong guitar riff, a great hook, some strong backing vocals and that unmistakable moody Crown Of Thorns atmosphere.
Til You've Had Enough is another gem. It seems a little heavier with the guitar riff all over this track, but the chorus is pure AOR melody it's a great hook.
The big power ballad of the album is in fact a duet. Shed No Tears features Jean in conjunction with Doro Pesch. I am not a huge fan of duets, but this is still a good ballad. Not one of my favourite tracks though.
Before It Slips Away picks up the tempo again, in an AOR sense, with another hard edged guitar riff mixed with keyboards. Just when you think the chorus might pass unnoticed, it's there. It helps the song along, but this and the next song represent a mid album fall off in intensity.
Let's Start Over Again is more like it pure classic Crown Of Thorns a mid tempo keyboard filled moody AOR ballad with a pleasant unobtrusive chorus.
I'm Sorry is another big ballad, but a classy one, with a strong chorus and a nice use of piano.
Alone Again finally sees things rocking again, with a tasty hard edged riff leading off the song. Surprisingly, the song remains mid tempo, maintaining a smouldering moody intensity.
Keep On Survivin' is uptempo ad more guitar driven and features one of the album's better choruses. This one will be popular with long time fans of the band.
The album wraps up with Once In My Life another power ballad in the true sense of the term. Big choruses, soaring guitars and a wonderfully heartfelt and moody chorus. This song is the album's best ballad and a cool way to finish the record.
The bonus track was for some stupid reason not included in the promo review copies of this album?? For the record it's a cover of George Harrison's My Sweet Lord.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
The band's performance and the genral song writing are excellent. Best since the debut in fact.
Production is sharp as always.
Running time - perfect - a solid 11 tracks @ 45 minutes is ideal. Sequencing is also excelletn - the album has a great flow.
Artwork - great logo, effetive and eyecatching.

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