Cheap Trick The Latest Big 3
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Running Time: 41.26

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Melodic Rock / Power Pop

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Songs: 78%
Sound: 86%
Cheap Trick for me, are bouncing between almost nailing it, and falling considerably short. Of the last 3 albums Special One hinted only occasionally at brilliance, but missed the mark due to inconsistency, while the very impressive Rockford was almost that classic you know the band are still capable of.
Unfortunately on The Latest we get the reverse bounce again and end up with another Special One again in places demonstrating absolute pop brilliance, yet elsewhere failing to deliver and even worse, some tracks simply don't go anywhere at all.
On the plus side, for me it doesn't get any better than the opening tracks. In fact, 4 of the first 5 tracks are all gems.
The slow haunting Sleep Forever is an unsuspecting intro to the pulsating melodic rock of When The Lights Go Out, which is anthemic Cheap Trick at their best. Following the band's love of all things Beatles, Miss Tomorrow mirrors the psychedelic sounds of the 70s, wrapped in that unforgettable slick power pop the band are famous for.
The punk/surf-pop of Sick Man Of Europe has been featured prominently in the launch of this album and I still can't figure out why utterly horrid in my opinion.
These Days is a lush Moody Blues style 70s pop ballad and another highlight.
Here is where the album loses the plot a little. An uninspired ballad is followed by a frantic rocker that might appeal if it was longer than 1.20!
Another surfer rocker in California Girl doesn't interest me at all and then it's another lackluster ballad in Everybody Knows.
The whole second half of the album swings back and forth between brash pop rockers and ballads, but I really don't find anything of lasting value here to want to come back to.
The closing ballad Smile is pretty nice and at least has a solid chorus.
The Bottom Line
Any Cheap Trick record is a cool record, but I could pull half this album and match it with a couple of tunes from Special One and most of the tunes from Rockford to create the best 70 minutes of classic power pop you'll ever be likely to hear. In fact, I think I'll do just that. Just once though, I'd like the band to do that themselves on the one record.
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Line Up:
Robin Zander: Vocals
Rick Nielson: Guitars
Bun E Carlos: Drums
Tom Petersson: Bass

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Track Listing
Sleep Forever *
When The Lights Are Out *
Miss Tomorrow *
Sick Man of Europe
These Days *
Everyday You Make Me Crazy
California Girl
Everybody Knows
Times of Our Lives
Closer, The Ballad of Burt and Linda
Smile *

--*Best Tracks

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