Cheap Trick Special One BIG3
Produced By: Not Listed

Running Time: 46.50

Release Date: July 22

Released: US JP

Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 78%
Sound: 88%
Cheap Trick's new album comes some 6 years since 1997's self titled album and after several months of changing release dates.
Was it worth the wait? Yes. Is it a classic album? Not quite.
The Trick stick to what they do best on Special One, producing their own brand of feel good guitar driven power pop/rock, with signature quirkiness intact.
There are some classic moments on this album. But there are also some disappointments the main one being the overall pace of the album, it's very laid back and quiet soft in the scheme of things.
It's an aging and maturing Cheap Trick in places, but on the opening barnstormer Scent Of A Woman proves the band could have rocked more given the desired to.
The album is quite eclectic and varied, with a solid ensemble of tracks. A couple of songs are as heavy as you could possibly imagine this band being, while elsewhere, they are as soft as a wet tissue.
The only issue against total enjoyment is the lack of uptempo numbers style aside.
Track by Track:
Scent Of A Woman is a cracking feel good rocker that goes right back to the heart of what makes Cheap Trick special. One of their best tracks ever in my opinion and a sure fire hit had it been released in any other decade. Might even be some hope for it in 2003!
The tempo drops immediately for track two - Too Much. Despite the tempo drop, the song works really well here and is a great feel good mid-tempo pop track that would have been right at home on singer Robin Zander's solo album. Another possible radio hit.
Special One is a very moody, very slow track that takes some listening to before it can be appreciated. Another interesting track unlike anything else around right now, but one that does slow the pace of the album right down.
Pop Drone is another slow to start track, but once it's going, it at least picks up the pace a little. The track is very dark and moody and features a laid back chorus and several layers of instrumentation.
My Obsession is another uptempo number that comes just in the nick of time. This is another sweet, feel good pop track and another that fits the Zander solo style. One of the album's most instant tracks.
Words returns the album to a slow tempo. This is a pretty simple pop ballad that doesn't do a lot for me.
Sorry Boy is possibly one of the heaviest Cheap Trick tracks ever. Very dark and guitar heavy, even if the pace is slow to mid-tempo at best. A musically challenging track.
Best Friend is a cool angst ridden track that starts slow and builds. Another very dark and moody track. Zander really puts everything into the vocal.
If I Could is a mid-tempo pop/rock track that features a stronger chorus than the last couple of tracks. Continues the moody vibe of the album.
Low Life In High Heels and Hummer are basically the same track - sadly. One is 2.50 in length and the other 4 minutes. I am not sure why the two songs are broken up by a 2 second gap and two titles. The songs are largely instrumental and feature only a few vocal lines. The tracks have an interesting groove, but don't finish the album on a high note.
The Bottom Line
Overall, I'd have to say that there is enough here to keep Cheap Trick fans happy, but for the uninitiated, only a few really classic numbers to get excited about. Disappointing somewhat after the long wait, but good enough to prove there is still life in band that can still provide a touch of originality after all these years.
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Line Up
Robin Zander: Vocals
Rick Nielsen: Guitar
Ben E Carlos: Drums
Tom Petersson: Bass

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Cheap Trick
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Track Listing
Scent Of A Woman
Too Much
Special One
Pop Drone
My Obsession
Sorry Boy
Best Friend
If I Could
Low Life In High Heels
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