Charade II Drakkar Entertainment
82876 64957-2
Produced By: Charade

Running Time: 45.50

Release Date: October 25

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

Links: Drakkar
Songs: 92%
Sound: 80%
Charade's second release comes on the back of vocalist Michael Bormann leaving his better known role as the backbone of Jaded Heart.
This new Charade album is a very tidy package that all fans of Bormann will enjoy. It's a twin CD set, packaging the out of print and hard to find original Charade release (from the mid-90's) with the new album. If you don't already own the debut, this is a very good value release.
Charade II was originally started back in 2000, after song ideas from the original album were uncovered by Angel, but it was not completed until Michael received the lost tracks in 2003. The duo then worked hard to complete the album, now on offer here.
This is a typical very melodic slice of European hard rock, with all the class of Bormann's vocals and Angel Schleifer's powerful music.
The guys have a different feel to that of Jaded Heart, even with the trademark vocals and layered harmonies in place.
The production is at times a little thin; with a fairly hollow drum sound in play. A beefier rhythm section would make this an even more powerful release, but that does not spoil the fine songs or the quality of the performances.
In The End is a fine opening track and my favourite of the whole album. A great anthemic chorus and a strong vocal is backed by a frantic beat.
Like The Way It Is changes the pace, with a moody mid tempo Bon Jovi style rocker featuring some great harmony vocals.
A couple of lighter moments with When It Was Just Me And You and Somebody's Waiting are surrounded by mainly uptempo rockers, the best of which are Dangerous Child, Call Of The Wild and not to mention the opening track.
The Bottom Line
I am pleased to say that for fans of the debut, this album is every bit as good and perhaps features even better vocals and more layers of rich harmonies. It's a little more uptempo and although it could have benefited from a full band approach, I think all fans of Bormann and Jaded Heart will enjoy this.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Charade II

Line Up
Michael Bormann: Vocals
Angel Schleifer: Guitar

Essential for fans of:
Jaded Heart
Track Listing
In The End*
Like The Way It Is*
Dangerous Child*
American Mama
Everyday And Everytime
Fatal Destiny
When It Was Just Me And You
Somebody's Waiting
Call Of The Wild*
Perfect Yesterday
Why Did You Take My Pride
--*Best Tracks

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